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Postage stamps


When a stamp cost a week's wages

Northern Rhodesia 1925-29 set of 17 to 20s SG 1/17

New Zealand 1862 2d deep blue (worn plate) SG39

India 1935 Silver Jubilee 3½a black and dull ultramarine SG245a

India 1926-33 2a purple SG206a/w

India 1926 Watermark multiple stars 2a bright purple 'INDIA POSTAGE' (type 59) S...

India 1921 'NINE PIES' on 1a rose-carmine SG192b

India 1921 "NINE PIES" on 1a rose-carmine SG192a/b

India 1911-22 2r 'carmine and brown' SG187

India 1911-22 5r ultramarine and violet SG188

India 1911-22 1r SG185/6

India 1902-11 1r green and scarlet SG137

India 1874 9p bright mauve SG77

India 1856-64 2a yellow-green SG50

I.F.S. Travan-Cochin Official 1949-51 1a on 2ch orange SGO4a

India 1854-55 4a blue and red SG19

I.F.S. Barwani 1923 ¼a black on poor quality wove SG17

Hong Kong 1898 10c on 30c grey-green SG54

Great Britain SG2 1840 1d black - mint

Great Britain catalogue-standard Penny Black housed in an attractive frame SG2

Great Britain 1840 2d Blue Plate 1. Very fine used four margin example lettered...

Gibraltar 1889 10c on 1d rose SG16

Gambia 1886-93 ½d grey-green SG22

Falkland Islands 1933 Centenary 5s black and yellow 'Penguin' SG136

China 1912 set of 15 to $5 myrtle and salmon with Shanghai republican overprint...

China 1878 5ca yellow on thin paper SG3a

China 1897 $1 on 3c deep red SG91

Canada 1928-29 50c 'Bluenose' SG284

Canada 1898-1902 7c greenish-yellow SG160

Aden 1937 10r olive-green 'Dhow' SG12