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Postage stamps


Great Britain 1862, 9p,Scott 40d, bister spanish,wmk 24, MNH, OG,CV $5500

Russia cover from St.Petersburg to Germany 1904, France cover to Italy 1904, and...

MINT NH RUSSIA 10K IMPERFORATE, the dot variety and 10 k a 1st issue 1858 MINT,...

Edward VII, SG245 6p dull purple, bluish chalky paper, MNH, OG, watermark

David Bowie stars in The Stamps that Fell to Earth

Inverted Jenny stamp fetches $300,000 in Chicago

Robert A. Siegel to sell Inverted Jenny stamp in New York

Navy Dept 6 c overprint specimen rarity

Japanese 6 sen stamp

Lost Inverted Jenny stamp to auction in Chicago

New South Wales 1885-86 £1 rose-lilac and claret, 'POSTAGE' opt in blue

New Zealand 1930 series of 36 die proofs (SGF145/68a)

New Zealand 1935 (1 May) 'Second Pictorial' die proofs (SG559/69)

Great Britain 1840 2d Mulready envelope SGME4,2

Tristan Da Cunha 1918 Cover to Guildford (SGC1)

Tristan Da Cunha 1929 stampless cover to USA (SGC7)

South Africa 1987 40c Word of God complete sheet

Tobago 1879 £1 mauve (Unused) SG6

TASMANIA 1854 Perkins Bacon die proofs (SG14,15,17)

Malaya - Straits 1892 32c surcharge omitted (UNUSED) SG94a

Newfoundland 1859 (Cover) SG4

Rhodesia 1966 1s overprint omitted error SG366b

Great Britain SG266a Tyrian Plum Postage Stamp

Solomon Islands 1907 6d large canoe imperf pair (Unused) SG6a

Cyprus 1925 Duty Die Proofs SG120, 122

Great Britain SG185 1884 £1 Brown-Lilac Postage Stamp

Hong Kong 96c Olive-Bistre Unique Block of Four Postage Stamps

Great Britain SG411 1915 10s Deep Blue Postage Stamp

1847 Mauritius copper plate sold for $1.1 million

Soviet Occupied Germany Stamps 1946 Provinz SACHSEN - MNH Block Michel #88