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Postage stamps


Penny Black mint block of 12

Great Britain 1854 6d Dull lilac (watermark reversed), SG59, Unmounted Mint

Great Britain 1840 1d Black Plate 9, SG2, Unmounted Mint

Great Britain 1841 2d violet blue plate 4, SG15aa, Unmounted Mint

Great Britain 1878 (26 September) £1 Brown-lilac (Plate 1) SG129

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The Pioneering Stamp

Zanzibar 1895-96 2a6p yellow-green SG8D,var

Zanzibar 1865-73 India 2a SGZ40,42/3

TASMANIA 1854 Perkins Bacon die proofs (SG14,15,17)

South West Africa Postage due 1923 1½d black and yellow-brown SGD8b

Newfoundland 1859 (Cover) SG4

New Zealand 1899-1903 2½d blue "Lake Wakatipu" SG260a

Mauritius 1938-49 3c reddish-purple and scarlet SG253/a

Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika 1935-37, set of 14 to £1, Mint SG110-23

Hong Kong 1903 set of 15 to $10 SG62/76

Great Britain 1942 2d. Pale Orange Tete-Beche Pair, Mint SG488b

Great Britain 1882 £5 orange (plate 1), Used SG137

Great Britain 1840 1d Black Plate 6, 1840 2d Blue Plate 1, Mint SG2/5

Great Britain 1929 P.U.C £1 black on cover, SG438

Falkland Islands 1912-20 set of 10, Mint SG60-69

Falkland Islands 1904-12, set of 8, Mint SG43-50

Mauritius 1854 1d. Bright Vermillion, Mint SG10