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JustCollecting gives you the platform to build and exhibit your own collections, connect with other users, and track auctions around the world. As a member, you can also share pictures and stories, get expert advice, earn special discounts and enter exclusive competitions.

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JustCollecting makes it easy for you to add images, create your own albums and showcase your collection to the world. It's a great way to connect with people who share your hobby, and to show-off (just a little bit).

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Now you can take your collection with you, wherever you go. Upload your items to the site and access them on the move, 24/7. Whether you're at an auction, an antique store or a yard sale, keep track of the pieces you have, and the pieces you need.

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With JustCollecting, it's never been easier to sell your collectibles. Simply set up a store using your PayPal account, and upload your items with a couple of clicks. You can even import items from your existing eBay store.

JustCollecting offers you some of the lowest marketplace commissions around, so you have more to spend on your own collection!

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Looking for a valuation? The community section is a great place to post questions for your fellow collectors. Upload images and a description of the item, and one of our members is sure to give you an idea of the value.


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Searching for something unique? You'll find everything from antiques to action figures, and even remarkable pieces of history, in the JustCollecting Marketplace. The marketplace gives you a smart and safe way to buy collectibles online, with everything covered by the PayPal guarantee.

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Antique Watercolour Painting Tall Ships Tug Boats Liverpool Docks River Mersey

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