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Stan Laurel Autographed Letter

  • Letter signed by Stan Laurel - one half of comedy duo Laurel & Hardy
  • Written to news anchorman Glenn Laxton concerning Laurel's early career

Stan Laurel (1890-1965) is one half of legendary comedy duo Laurel & Hardy, who were extremely popular from the 1920s to the 1940s, and featured in over 100 films. Silly, slender Laurel and rotund, pompous Hardy captured the hearts of millions through their original, slapstick comedy.

This is a typed letter from Stan Laurel to cable television news anchorman, Glen Laxton, dated June 9, 1958. The letter, which features some hinges and archive folding, measures 11.8” x 8.4” and is accompanied by its original envelope which measures 6.75” x 3.75”

Laxton first contacted Laurel at the age of 15 offering his support following Oliver Hardy’s death. Laurel answered almost immediately and Laxton claims that since then, he received over 50 letters from the comedian.

This typed letter, written just 8 months after the death of Oliver Hardy reads:

Dear Glenn:-

Thanks yours 4th.inst.

My start in Show Bus. was due to the fact, that I was born of a Theatrical Family, so I just grew up in the profession & followed my Father's footsteps. No, I never appeared in a Circus, altho my Father owned at one time in England, and also operated 6 legitimate theatres, beside authoring & producing several Dramatic shows in which he appeared with my Mother - my Brothers & Sister too were in the business. I came to this Country in 1910 in a Vaudeville show with Charlie Chaplin, it was a troupe called Fred Karno's London Comedians, we had a repertoire of sketches, the most well known was titled "A Night in An English Music Hall".

Yes, Babe had a nice Tenor voice, he used to be a Boy Tenor in Minstrel Shows - Quartettes Etc. that deep voice you mention in "Way Out West" was not mine, a colored fellow sang while I just 'mouthed' the lyrics for comedy effect. I do'nt think seperate recordings were ever recorded of that particular number.

The TV reception is much better at the new place, we can get all 7 channels. Well, think this covers your questions, so bye for now.

Regards & best wishes Glenn.

Sincerely:- Stan Laurel

Laurel has autographed the letter “Stan” above his typed name.

A beautiful personal letter from Stan Laurel with impeccable provenance.

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