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ST HELENA 1922-37 2s purple and blue/blue variety, SG108c

SKU JC2340

St Helena 1922-37 2s purple and blue/blue, variety 'Cleft rock' (R5/1), SG108c.

A fine mint example with large part original gum. Minor gum thin spot, but still of fine and fresh appearance.

A very rare printing variety with only 346 possible, but with a low survival rate as a result of destruction of unsold stock in 1938.

Stanley Gibbons catalogue value: £500.

This definitive issue first released in 1922 was designed by the St Helena-born Postmaster Thomas R. Bruce. It was similar to the 1912-16 pictorials, but instead of the Government House or the Wharf, these stamps showed the badge of St. Helena - a three-masted sailing ship near two large rocks.

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