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Prince John Signed Photograph

  • Rare photograph of "The Lost Prince", Prince John
  • Clear, bold and rare example of his autograph
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Prince John (1905-1919) was the youngest son of Queen Mary and King George V. John suffered from severe epilepsy, and due to his illness he was hidden from the public eye. He died on 18 January 1919, at only 13 years-old, following a severe seizure.

His life is portrayed in an award-winning miniseries entitled The Lost Prince. This has attracted a new wave of collectors to his memorabilia, which remains extremely rare due to his short and secretive life.

This exceptional item is a rare vintage photographic postcard of John with his favourite dog. The photograph, which features some slight wear to the edges but is otherwise in very good condition, is signed "Johnny 1918" in black fountain pen ink in the lower right hand corner.

This wonderful photograph, which shows John's autograph clearly, is a very rare piece of royal history.

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