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Niger Company Territories 1897 cover from Akassa to Freetown, SG54b

SKU JP5874

Niger Company Territories 1897 (22 Jul) cover from Akassa to Freetown, Sierra Leone, (with sender's name Handstamp 'J. Bubendorf' in violet on reverse)' exceptionally franked by NIGER COAST 1894 2½d pale blue (perforations 13½-14 = SG54b).

Tied by a very fine strike of AKASSA SG type 5 datestamp in violet. Freetown arrival backstamp of 'AU 01 97'.

A most attractive and very rare usage on cover of a Niger Coast stamp in the Niger Company Territories.

Provenance: Documented on page 130 of “The Postal Services of the British Nigeria Region prior to 1914, including the British Consular Post Office in Fernando Po.” By Jack Ince and John Sacher, published by the Royal Philatelic Society in 1992.

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