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JK Rowling personally written and illustrated horoscope

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  • A rare, unpublished and illustrated work by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling
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J.K Rowling (1965 -) is an English author, screenwriter, producer and philanthropist. She's the creator of the Harry Potter series of children's novels, which to date has sold a record 400 million copies worldwide.

The seven best-selling books also spawned a series of blockbuster Hollywood movies, video games, several theme park attractions, and an empire of merchandise worth an estimated $25 billion.  

Aside from her literary career, Rowling has also been praised for her philanthropic work, and has raised tens of millions for good causes including Comic Relief and her own children's charity Lumos.

The document

J.K Rowling's fascination with astrology can be seen throughout the Harry Potter series of books, in characters such as Professor of Divination Sybill Trelawney and Firenze the star-gazing centaur.

Whilst writing her first novel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Rowling also produced highly detailed personal horoscopes for some of her friends.

This horoscope was written for Roger Julian Tosswill, who Rowling first met along with his partner Kate Buchanan during ante natal classes.

Rowling also wrote a similarly detailed horoscope for their newborn son Jack Buchanan, which we are able to offer for sale here.

Tosswill is a Libra, born October 13, 1966 at 11.05pm, and the horoscope covers his personality traits, relationships, potential careers and compatibility with his partner.

The close relationship Rowling shared with the family is evident throughout the horoscope.

When comparing the couple, she writes: "I should say at the outset that these two horoscopes (Roger and Kate) could have come straight out of an astrological text-book, captioned 'compatible partners'."

And in reference to young Jack Buchanan, she writes: "The words 'isn't he like his father?' are likely to be repeated with tiresome regularity throughout Jack's childhood."

Throughout the 12 page document Rowling displays a strong knowledge of astrology, referencing texts such as the influential 15th century French work 'The Kalendar and Compost of Shepherds'.

The strength and humour of her writing also clearly shines through, particularly during a passage in which she images the couple escaping from international terrorists, using hand grenades made from Coke cans and Semtex "weaselled out of a guard who was no match for his Machiavellian Mars".

The 12-page folio document features Rowling's cover illustration in pen, ink and coloured pencil, mounted on a sheet of blue card.

The horoscope is a double-sided typescript on yellow card, and the astrological chart is printed on white paper with annotations in Rowling's hand, laminated with a sheet of plastic.

The entire document is hole-punched, and bound together with gold and silver ribbons.

Two of the pages feature small tears around the hole punches, and the cover displays signs of wear around the edges.

A unique document, written and illustrated by the world's most successful living author.

NB: Please note copyright remains with J.K. Rowling and no permission is granted for reproduction

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