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Great Britain Postage due airmail cover from South Africa, SGD14,D16

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Great Britain 1934 Postage Due airmail cover from South Africa, SGD14, D16.

Very fine air mail cover from South Africa bearing a 6d green & orange (SG47) cancelled by a Hammarsdale Rail circular date stamp with a Johannesburg circular date stamp alongside for MY.18.1934. "Insufficiently Prepaid" handstamp at left, with a "T/80/Centimes" and a "8d/F.B." handstamp denoting the amount due. Addressed to Oxford St. London, the 8d collected with a 5d brown and 3d violet postage due, both cancelled by London thimble circular date stamps for MY.31.1934.

A very attractive and fascinating complex piece of postal history. The 5d brown postage due stamp, in particular, is difficult to find on cover.

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