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Great Britain 1988 13p Christmas error, SG1414a

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Great Britain 1988 13p Christmas error, SG1414a.

A very fine unmounted mint, with full original gum, example of this rare and most desirable 13p for 14p error of value.

The 13p 1988 Christmas error has an interesting story behind its existence...

Production was in full swing for the 13p second class stamp in the run-up to Christmas when the government decided on a Scrooge-like rise in the rate to 14p. Wanting to take advantage of the increased rate, the Post Office immediately changed tack to make sure only the 14p was available.

But they overlooked the fact they were already being inserted into the yearbook of 1988 commemorative issues.

The yearbooks included the 1988 Christmas set containing the 13p denomination.

The 13p denominations should have been replaced in the yearbooks, but some slipped through the net.

The recognised authority on modern GB stamp errors, Pierron record only 10 mint examples in existence.

Despite being one of the most well known and sought after modern GB stamp errors, the current price remains modest compared to its peers.

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