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Great Britain 1878 10s greenish grey Plate 1, SG128

SKU JC3309

Great Britain 1878 (26th September) 10s greenish grey Plate 1, lettered 'HC', watermark Maltese Cross, perforations 15½x15, SG128.

A very fine mint example with original gum of one of the greatest of all Queen Victorian surface printed rarities. Most appealing being exceptionally well centred as most of the few examples in existence show poor centering. Without a doubt, one of the finest mint examples known.

Only one printing plate (plate 1) was used for this value. Mint examples of this elusive stamp rarely appear on the open market for sale. The vast majority of examples have major faults, including repairs and/or regumming.

This is the first example of this iconic Victorian stamp we have enjoyed the privilege of handling in the past 25 years.

Accompanied with four independent certificates of authenticity from respected philatelic experts.

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