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China 1897 (Aug) Tokyo Tsukiji type foundry printing. SG104b

SKU JP5150

China 1897 (Aug) Tokyo Tsukiji type foundry printing, 50c deep green error of colour, SG104b.

A fine quality example with large part original gum and some typical light gum toning.

This stamp, depicting a Carp, was from the first issues to be inscribed “Imperial Chinese Post”.

The error arose with the 10c colour being used in error instead of the intended bright yellow-green of the 50c stamps.

It is a rare stamp error of colour, yet remains available at a relatively modest price. It is very scarce, with only 240 examples believed to have been issued.

It is a particularly fine example for an early Chinese stamp with large part original gum and only light gum toning.

Although 240 examples of this error are known to have been issued, it is much rarer today. Fewer examples survived and it is the first example we have handled.

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