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AUSTRALIA 1922-30 2d carmine and yellow-green Postage Due, SGD94var

SKU JC1643

Australia Postage Due 1922-30 2d carmine and yellow-green, watermark w6, Ash printing, error imperforate between stamp and gutter margin at left, SGD94var.

Lovely fresh stamp with original gum. Couple of shortish perforations and trivial specks on gum mentioned for accuracy, but a fine and spectacular rarity.

Additionally shows prominent constant frame plate flaw 'lower left corner broken', confirming position as right pane R6/1.

Only 30 originally existed, from three sheets with the first vertical row of perforations on the right pane omitted, but some of these have since been trimmed at left. One of only three possible with the additional flaw!

Australia Specialised Catalogue Number: ACSC D108b, with flaw 'k'.

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