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Albert Einstein typed and signed letter

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  • An Albert Einstein typed & signed letter dated June 10, 1939
  • Fresh to the market after more than 80 years
  • With highly significant content, relating to Einstein's Jewish heritage and the plight of Jewish refugees in WWII

Albert Einstein was one of the world’s greatest scientific minds. In the early 1900s he developed the Theory of Relativity, a work that set the template for modern physics.

A German citizen, he left the country shortly before Hitler seized power and never returned – choosing instead to spend the rest of his life in America.

He was instrumental in developing the first atomic bombs in the 1940s, in spite of a lifelong commitment to pacifism. Over the course of his career he published hundreds of scientific papers. His name has become interchangeable with genius.

An Albert Einstein typed & signed letter, dated June 10, 1939.

Fresh to the market after 84 years in the ownership of the original recipient's family.

In 1939, on the eve of WWII, Einstein became involved in national campaigns to raise money and awareness for Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany for the U.S.

On June 10, 1939 he personally sent letters to several Jewish civic leaders, thanking each of them for their contributions to the cause.

This example was sent to the prominent New York businessman Mr Nathan Leavy.

It's typed on a single sheet of Einstein's personal stationary, embossed with his address at Princeton University.

The letter measures 8.5'' x 11'' and is presented in very good condition, with just faint horizontal mailing folds and minor creasing.

The content of this letter is a profound, personal statement on Albert Einstein's personal Jewish heritage.

The text is based almost word-for-word on a radio address he gave on March 22 on behalf of the United Jewish Appeal.

The letter reads in full:

"My Dear Mr Leavy:

"May I offer my sincere congratulations to you on the spledid work you have undertaken on behalf of the refugees during dedication week.

''The power of resistance which has enabled the Jewish people to survive for thousands of years has been based to a large extent on traditions of mutual helpfulness. In these years of affliction our readiness to help one another is being put to an especially severe test. May we stand this test as well as did our fathers before us.

"We have no other means of self-defence than our solidarity and our knowledge that the cause for which we are suffering is a momentous and sacred cause.

"It must be a source of deep gratification to you to be making so important a contribution toward rescuing our persecuted fellow-Jews from their calamitous peril and leading them toward a better future."

"Sincerely yours, Albert Einstein."

Einstein signs the letter "A. Einstein" in crisp black ink, with his full name typed neatly below.

It's a superb specimen of his signature, un-faded after more than 80 years.

The letter is accompanied by three further original letters from the Albert Einstein estate, documenting their efforts to secure a copy for their official archive in 1980.

These documents attest to the provenance and importance of this letter.

A truly superb and historically significant item, signed by one of the greatest minds in human history.

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