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The Stamp Man

The Stamp Man

2019-10-14 20:55:09

10 stunning philatelic items at my best price 

I’m often asked:

“Mike… what’s your best price on this?”

Most usually, the answer is:

“Sorry… but this is my best price.”

Today, I make an exception for you.

No haggling… this is straight to the lowest price I would go to.

And, these discounts are on some of the finest quality items I have available just now.

I was up last night until 2 am selecting these stamps for you. It’s never an easy task finding high quality items where I am in a position to offer a discount.

That’s because premium quality attracts more demand and therefore competition - leading to higher prices.

The result of my late night work for you is a fine quality collection priced at an average 28% discount to listed catalogue values.

I hope you enjoy…

1. A stamp set in paradise

Malaysia Straits Settlements King George V 1936-37 1c to $5 green and red/emerald set of 15, SG260/74. A fine quality mint set with only slight trace of previous hingeing (if at all).

A beautifully designed stamp issue, which depicts a pair of coconut palms renowned in rural Southeast Asia, framed in the corners by a symbolic thatched roof of traditional dwellings in Southeast Asia. The issue was so popular, it was adapted for use throughout the Malaya peninsula, including Singapore.

This is one of those stamp designs which just hits the mark in capturing an atmosphere from a setting in an idyllic part of the world and from a bygone age.

Catalogue Value: £225

Offer Price: £175 (22% discount)


2. Classic King George V British Empire stamp design

Ceylon King George V 1912-25 50r dull purple, SG320. A very fine mint example with original gum.

This Regal British Empire stamp design, known as the Imperium key plates, was used in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) more than anywhere else in the World.

It’s a lovely stamp and a real treat when found of this quality. 

Catalogue Value: £650

Offer Price: £495 (24% discount)


3. Vibrant colour, pristine condition, rare strip of 5

Great Britain King George V 1935 1d scarlet (Small format, watermark sideways inverted), SG440cwi.

A rare mint strip of five of this scarce watermark variety. It is in superb condition being unmounted with full gum intact on all stamps. The bold scarlet colour used for these stamps is the most vibrant I have ever seen.

Catalogue Value: £975

Offer Price: £750 (23% discount)


4. A Difficult to Assemble Set from Hong Kong

**Hong Kong King George VI** 1938-52 Watermark Multiple Script CA, 1c to $10 pale bright lilac and blue set of 23, SG140/163.

A fine quality mounted mint set, difficult to assemble in this quality, bringing together a complex printing history during the difficulties in maintaining print supplies during World War II.

Catalogue Value: £1,100

Offer Price: £750 (32% discount)


5. Nostalgic and increasingly popular area of GB collecting

Great Britain 1938 2s Booklet (Edition No. 469), SG BD12.

Blue cover printed in black with advert pane "BOVRIL MAKES A STRONG DEFENCE'. A very fine and fresh example of this difficult to find booklet with good perforations on all panes, containing advert pane QB23(11).

This is a scarce booklet in such fine condition.

British stamp booklets have become an increasingly popular area of collecting in recent years. This was inevitable in light of the nostalgic qualities they possess for the baby boomer generation.

Catalogue Value: £1,100

Offer Price: £950 (14% discount)


6. Key rarity from one of the hottest areas of the stamp market right now

Batum British Occupation 1920 (12 Jan) 50r on 3k carmine-red, SG24, type 4 surcharge.

A fine used example with part circular date stamp.

This is one of the key rarities of the city of Batum (in modern day Georgia) with only 200 being issued. Used examples are rarer than mint.

The stamp is accompanied by a 2004 British Philatelic Association (BPA) Certificate of Authenticity.

Catalogue Value: £2,000

Offer Price: £1,600 (20% discount)


7. The earliest Registration stamps from Canada

Canada 1875-92 Registration Stamps Unused in blocks of 4, SGR1, R7a, R8/9

A fantastic and difficult to assemble collection of the earliest Registration stamps from Canada (2c, 5c and 8c) in fine quality blocks of four, the 2c and 8c blocks as marginal examples.

These Registration stamps, first issued in 1875, were printed by the British American Banknote Co. in Montreal and Ottawa. Their ornate design was widely revered and they represent a key element of early Canadian postal history.

 Detailed descriptions of each block as follows:

Canada Registration stamps 2c - orange marginal block of four from the foot of the sheet, SGR1. Large part Montreal imprint, large part original gum; one stamp with a tiny corner crease and some oxidisation on gum though remains of fine appearance.

Canada Registration stamps 5c - dull sea-green block of four, SGR7a. Fresh unused with large part original gum, the lower pair being unmounted mint. The upper pair each with a tiny thin speck, otherwise fine and an attractive multiple of this scarce shade.

Canada Registration stamps 8c - blue block of four from the lower right corner and showing trace of Montreal imprint, SGR8/9. A fine fresh example with large part original gum. A scarce multiple and highly attractive.

The SG catalogue price for single examples of all 12 stamps comes to a total value of £2,750. Consequently, the offer price of £1,950 is exceedingly attractive, particularly when factoring in the expected premium valuation associated with rarer blocks of four.

Catalogue Value: £2,750+

Offer Price: £1,950 (29% discount)


8. A Major Rarity at a 40% discount!

Falkland Islands 1878-79 4d grey-black, from foot of sheet with imperforate margin, showing "FF" of papermaker's watermark, SG2a. 

A rare watermark variety of the very first stamp issue from the Falkland Islands in 1878.

An attractive mint example of this famous rarity. The stamp has some minor toning and gum disturbance, but still fine for this rare issue, particularly with perforations and centring being far above average.

This stamp is a real rarity in unused condition, being the first such example we have handled for many years.

Catalogue Value: £3,750

Offer Price: £2,250 (40% discount)


9. The rarest shade of Britain’s most successful stamp

Great Britain King George V "Seahorses" 1915 10s Deep blue, SG411. GB Specialised Catalogue Number: N70(2).

A very fine well centred unused original gum example printed by De La Rue.

The most difficult of the shades to find of the famous Seahorse issues and one of the all-time classics of GB philately.

It is also one of my personal favourites with the famous classic design presented to its best effect through the vibrant deep-blue shade. It is one of those stamps which stands out in any collection.

Catalogue Value: £5,500

Offer Price: £3,750 (32% discount)


10. Very Rare Chinese Philatelic Treasure

China (Shanghai) 1893 (Dec), Chungking Local Post featuring "Pagoda and Junk" 2ca red-orange, perforations 12½, SGM1.

The first Chinese postage stamps were issued from the Municipality of Shanghai. The Chungking Local Post, situated 1,500 miles up-river from Shanghai, was established November 1st, 1893.

This block of twenty comprises two complete lower rows of ten, margins largely intact except at lower right. Suffers from some characteristic gum toning, which is apparent on face in places, yet represents above average quality for this issue and surprisingly still retains full original gum across the entire block of twenty stamps.

It is a very rare multiple and the only block of twenty we have ever seen for this issue.

Catalogue Value: £5,000

Offer Price: £4,000 (20% discount)


How this works

This collection follows my basic investment rules (and not just for collectibles): 

  1. Buy high quality assets
  2. When you can get them at a discount
  3. And… hold them forever 

If I was to give the collection a name it would be “The Quality Bargains Collection”. 

The collection has a total catalogue value of £23,050. You can buy the entire collection from me today for the price of £16,670. That’s a discount of 28%.

I’d rather sell this collection intact. 

So, if you come back to me quickly, I will reserve the whole collection for you.

I can’t stop people buying individual items through our online store. You will understand we are contractually committed to the sale when this happens, meaning the collection is broken up. 

To reserve the entire collection, please reply directly to this blog.

The saying goes, “it’s better to pay more for quality”. In this case, you are paying less for quality!

Kind regards

Mike Hall CEO

Just Collecting

PS. Buying at a discount to market value provides a margin of safety. Premium quality prevails as an inherent value metric, forever rising to the top. I believe “The Quality Bargains Collection” gives you the perfect combination of both.

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