5 Monstrous Movie Puppets



2015-08-03 14:20:35

Puppets - we all know they're basically creepy and evil. And Hollywood movies have given us some of the creepiest. Here are 5 horrible examples you should try not to think about too much.


The 'Wrath of God'

(Image: Profiles in History)

This ethereal ghost puppet may look relatively harmless, but it has the power to literally melt your face off. Only if you're a Nazi though, as the bad guys at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark found out. It emerges from the Ark of the Covenant as the 'Wrath of God', who it turns out isn't too happy with Hitler's boys and decides to give them a good talking to. The puppet was created by Visual Effects Model maker Steve Gawley, and filmed in an underwater tank to give it the eerie appearance of floating. It was just one of the effects that earned Richard Edlund the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects, and sold at Profiles in History in 2012 for $12,000.

Grizzly Teddy

(Image: Profiles in History)

This delightful little fella was one of the stars of Demonic Toys (1992), another classic straight-to-video horror from producer Charles Band who also brought us Robot Holocaust, Assault of the Killer Bimbos, Puppet Masters 1 to 5, and Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver. Known as Grizzly Teddy, it's eventually turned into a man-sized monster by 'The Kid', an ancient demon who wants to eat the soul of a baby. I told you it was a classic. This screen-used puppet from the film sold at Profiles in History in 2008 for $1,100.

Mohawk the Mogwai

(Image: Profiles in History)

This is Mohawk, the evil Mogwai villain of Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990) who resemblesg what would happen if Jack Nicholson made sweet, sweet love to a hamster. Mohawk eventually turns into a giant Gremlin-spider hybrid, but meets his match when Gizmo goes completely Rambo on him and kills him with an exploding bottle of Tipex. This screen-used Mohawk Mogwai puppet sold at Profiles in History in 2008 for $8,000.


(Image: Profiles in History)

This starred in the 1986 sci-fi horror Critters, a 'Gremlins from Space' movie which inexplicably spawned three sequels (one of which introduced the world to Leonardo di Caprio). The Krites are carnivorous aliens, essentially a cross between a piranhas and Tribles, who escape from a space prison and land on Earth where they terrorize a small Kansas town and eat a few locals. This original screen-used animatronic puppet from the film sold at Profiles in History in 2009 for $8,500.


(Image: Profiles in History)

Here's Jigsaw, the creepy mascot of the elaborate chop-em-up Saw series, which showed us what happens when you combine the movie Hostel with the board game Mouse Trap. To be fair, this puppet is no creepier than any other normal ventriloquist's dummy - all of which are secretly possessed by the souls of dead serial killers. As used on-screen in Saw II, this 'hero' Jigsaw puppet sold at Profiles in History in 2013 for $12,000.

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