PFC40 Autograph Index Highlights


Average compound increase per annum between 2000-2020 of the index


Price of a Steve Jobs signed magazine – the most valuable individual in the index


Value of an Elizabeth II signed photo – the most valuable living signature in the index

Up 50%

The rise in value of Kurt Cobain's signature, the biggest climber between 2018 and 2020 – to £3,000

Investing in autographs: Paul Fraser Collectibles' PFC40 Autograph Index uncovers best performers

The 2020 edition reveals Kurt Cobain's signature is the best performer between 2018 and 2020 – up 50% in value from £2,000 to £3,000.

  • At £40,000, Steve Jobs is the most valuable signer, a result of his reluctance to sign, early death and Apple’s iconic status.
  • Steve Jobs is also the best performing autograph of the 21st century, up 24% per annum since 2000.
  • Queen Elizabeth II is the most valuable living signer, at £4,500.

Most valuable living signatures (signed photos unless otherwise stated)

  1. Elizabeth II: £4,500
  2. Prince William (signature): £3,500
  3. Paul McCartney: £2,950
  4. JK Rowling (signed book): £2,750
  5. Prince Harry (signature): £1,750

Most valuable "deceased" autographs

  1. Steve Jobs (signed magazine): £40,000
  2. Stephen Hawking (signed book): £30,000
  3. James Dean: £18,000
  4. Bruce Lee (signed album page): £12,000
  5. Horatio Nelson (handwritten letter): £12,000

Best performing autographs between 2000 and 2020

  1. Steve Jobs (signed magazine): Up 24% per annum to £40,000
  2. Barack Obama: Up 19% per annum to £350
  3. Kurt Cobain: Up 19% per annum to £3,000
  4. George Harrison: Up 17% per annum to £4,250
  5. Neil Armstrong: Up 16% per annum to £10,000

Best performing autographs between 2018 and 2020

  1. Kurt Cobain: Up 50% to £3,000
  2. Prince William (signature): Up 27% to £3,500
  3. Queen (rock band): Up 25% to £5,000
  4. JK Rowling (signed book): Up 22% to £2,750
  5. Martin Luther King: Up 18% to £6,500


Paul Fraser Collectibles’ Daniel Wade comments: "Since 2018 autographs from key modern figures have become significantly more popular. That's because the interested age group have reached a time in their lives with more disposable income. We're talking names such as Prince William, JK Rowling and Kurt Cobain. They are among the best performers in the past two years.
“Any basket of rare autographs would likely have delivered annual compound growth of 10% over the past 20 years, beating most traditional investments. Even the worst performing name in the index (Jimi Hendrix) delivered 5% annual compound growth. No one has shown a loss in value over those 20 years.”

About the PFC40 Autograph Index

The PFC40 Autograph Index tracks the values of 40 of the world’s most sought-after autographs since 2000. The prices given are an evaluation of the dealer price for a fully authenticated, best quality 8 x 10 inch signed photo (unless otherwise stated), based on close monitoring of dealer and auction sales.

A “best quality” example will feature a photograph in superb condition, depicting the subject in their most famous era, with a sharp, clear signature acquired during that period.

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