Barbie Index Highlights


Annual increase between 2005 and 2017 of Barbie #1 Blonde, the index's best performer


2017 value of Barbie #1 Brunette, the most valuable Barbie in the index


Average annual increase of the JustCollecting Barbie Index between 2005 and 2017


Annual increase between 2015 and 2017 of Pregnant Midge, the best performing Barbie over the two-year period

Investing in Barbies: index unveils the best performers since 2005

Investment-grade Barbies have grown in value by 4.0% a year on average since 2005, reveals the JustCollecting Barbie Index.

  • The blonde version of Barbie #1, produced in 1959, provided the best return on investment of the Barbies in the index – up 5.8% a year.
  • The most valuable Barbie is the brunette version of #1, at $9,250
  • The standout performer between 2015 and 2017 was the controversial 2002 release Pregnant Midge – up 18.3% per annum

Most valuable Barbies in the JustCollecting Barbie Index

  1. Barbie #1 Brunette (1959): $9,250
  2. Barbie #1 Blonde (1959): $8,800
  3. Barbie #2 Brunette (1959): $8,000

Best performing Barbies 2015-2017

  1. Pregnant Midge (2002): up 18.3% per annum to $140
  2. Barbie #4 (1960): up 11.8% per annum to $1,250
  3. Talking Brad (1970): up 9.5% per annum to $450

Best performing Barbies 2005-2017

  1. Barbie #1 Blonde (1959): up 5.8% per annum to $8,800
  2. Barbie #1 Brunette (1959): up 5.7% per annum to $9,250
  3. Barbie #4 (1960): up 5.6% per annum to $1,250

Quote from JustCollecting

"Collectors love 'the first' of things, so it's no surprise to see Barbie #1 at the top of the most valuable list," says JustCollecting's Dan Wade.
"Brunette Barbie #1 is far rarer than the blonde version, yet only slightly more expensive. That's because more collectors want to own the blonde versions, which are viewed as the quintessential Barbie. Also, more children would have owned a blonde version, so now they're nostalgic adults, it's the blonde one they want back in their lives.
"Prices for Pregnant Midge (2002), who came with a detachable stomach, have soared in the past two years.
"Collectors are increasingly excited by its rarity. It was quickly pulled from the shelves after complaints she encouraged girls to get pregnant. Many people were also upset she wasn't wearing a wedding ring."

About the JustCollecting Barbie Index

The JustCollecting Barbie Index tracks the value of investment-grade standard-release Barbies (i.e. excluding one-offs and designer dolls), using analysis of auctions and private sales, in addition to expert opinion.

Values shown are reflective of "mint" condition examples – never removed from their box or packaging.

justCollecting Barbie Index Album

Growing Up Skipper (1975)

Ken #1 Brownette (1961)

Barbie Roman Holiday Outfit (1959)

Barbie #1 Brunette (1959)

Barbie #1 Blonde (1959)