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South Africa Official 1929-31 6d green and orange SGO9/a/b

South Africa 1987 40c Word of God complete sheet

South Africa - New Republic 1886-87 1d violet on blue granite paper SG52

Seychelles 1890 8c brown-purple and blue SG3s var

Sean Lennon Autograph

Royal Wedding Cake Collection

Rhodesia 1966 1s overprint omitted error SG366b

Prince Charles and Princess Diana signed HMS Britannia photo

Penny Black mint block of 12

Original carpet from Titanic movie

New Zealand 1899-1903 2½d blue "Lake Wakatipu" SG260a

New Zealand 1898 (5 Apr) 2s grey-green "Milford Sound" SG258a

Marilyn Monroe Autographed Cheque

Marilyn Monroe Authentic Strand of Hair

Marc Bolan's Afghan coat

Mahatma Gandhi's personal food bowl, fork and spoons

Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika 1935-37, set of 14 to £1, Mint SG110-23

James Dean Signed Photograph

Great Britain 1913 £1 Dull blue green. SG404

Great Britain 1854 6d Dull lilac (watermark reversed), SG59, Unmounted Mint

Great Britain 1841 2d violet blue plate 4, SG15aa, Unmounted Mint

Great Britain 1840 1d Black Plate 9, SG2, Unmounted Mint

Gibraltar 1912-24 ½d blue-green SG76svar

Fiji Postage Due 1917 3d black SGD4

Elvis Presley Twice-Signed Album

Elizabeth Taylor love letter to Richard Burton

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's property lease

Dominica 1886-90 4d grey SG24a

Charles Lindbergh Autographed Menu

Charles and Diana signed visitor’s book