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Elvis Presley Twice-Signed Album

J.K Rowling illustrated personal horoscope

Walt Disney Signed Animation Cel

William Wordsworth Autographed Poetry Quotation

Jane Mansfield Personally Owned & Worn Blonde Wig

Pablo Picasso Signed & Inscribed Magazine Photograph

Fidel Castro Signed Social Work Certificate

Walt Disney Black & White Signed Photograph

John Wayne Signed Stetson Cowboy Hat

Bert Lahr signed photograph as the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz

William Fargo Autographed Stock Certificate

Madonna Autographed & Worn Love ProfusionTank Top

New South Wales 1885-86 £1 rose-lilac and claret, 'POSTAGE' opt in blue

Jerry Lee Lewis/Don Arden Documents

Margaret Thatcher signed book

Formula One signed photograph

New Zealand 1935 (1 May) 'Second Pictorial' die proofs (SG559/69)

The Carpenters Autographed Photograph

New Zealand 1930 series of 36 die proofs (SGF145/68a)

Tristan Da Cunha 1929 stampless cover to USA (SGC7)

Tristan Da Cunha 1918 Cover to Guildford (SGC1)

Great Britain 1840 2d Mulready envelope SGME4,2

Sean Lennon Autographed Photograph

South Africa 1987 40c Word of God complete sheet

Julie McCullough Autographed Photograph

Helena Christensen Signed Photograph

Marilyn Monroe Autographed Cheque