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Stuart Sutcliffe Original Drawings

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  • Original double-sided sheet of sketches from Stuart Sutcliffe - the original Beatles bassist

Stuart Sutcliffe (1940-1962), often referred to as "The Fifth Beatle" (among others) was the original bassist for The Beatles. As the band played in Hamburg, he famously met the noted photographer Astrid Kirchherr, and dediced to enroll in the Hamburg College of Art, quitting the band to pursue a career as an artist.

While studying in Hamburg, Sutcliffe began experienceing sever headaches, and in 1962 he tragically died from an aneurysm.

These original unsigned sketches by Sutcliffe occupy an 8" x 10.5" sheet from a sketchbook. There are four separate images in total covering both sides of an off white page.

The beautiful drawings, which are in fine condition, come with a letter of provenance which states how the sketchbook was the property of the Sutcliffe estate until it was sold in 2003 at a Bonhams auction.

A wonderful piece from the artist, suggesting that his career as an artist may have been as successful as The Beatles' as musicians.


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