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Marilyn Monroe Autograph on Legal Document

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  • Document signed by Marilyn Monroe
  • Details her dealings with Famous Artists Corporation following difficulties with 20th Century Fox
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Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962) needs little introduction. An actress, model and entertainer, she is perhaps the most recognisable of all screen icons.

As such, her memorabilia is highly sought after, and continues to be widely collected across the world.

A single-page legal document signed by Marilyn Monroe, measuring 8½" x 11" and dated February 19, 1957.

This autographed promissory note detailing Marilyn Monroe's debt states that she owes $20,350 to "Famous Artists Corporation of Beverly Hills, California". Marilyn has signed her name in blue ink with an exceptionally clean, crisp autograph.

Robert H. Montgomery Jr., the notary, and an embossed seal officiate the page. A light blue "X" is marked over the text, though this does not affect legibility. Two small punch holes are found along the top edge. The fine paper is in excellent condition with no tears.

Charles Feldman owned "Famous Artists Corporation of Beverly Hills, California" and represented Marilyn during her contractual difficulties with 20th Century-Fox from 1954 - 1955.

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