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Great Britain 1840 Penny Black (GB) Plate 3 SUPERB four margin Tiny Envelope Contrary to Regulations

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Great Britain 1840 Penny Black (GB) Plate 3 SUPERB four margin Tiny Envelope Contrary to Regulations. Tiny Envelope posted on Monday the 31st of August 1840 in Liverpool to Regents Park London. Penny Black Plate 3 placed on the bottom left of the entire Post Office regulations says the stamp must be on the top right corner.

This envelope written by Edwin Atherstones to his daughter Mary Elizabeth who went on to publish and edit a distinguished book named "The Dramatic works of Edwin Atherstone". Edwin Atherstone was a poet but also supported his family by dealing in Art. He was born in Nottingham in 1788 and was one of 15 children. He is described by his daughter Mary as a man of most honourable noble mind and heart. Atherstone was friend to the great John Martin who has been referred to as the most popular painter of his day. Martin supplied art for Atherstones work such as the fall of the Nineveh of which is now part of the British Museum's collection and the famous poem "A Midsummers Day Dream". Atherstone was in the same literary circle as the likes of John Hunt and William Godwin (the father of Mary Shelley). Thus, subsequently their work was part of the Romantic Movement which marked an era of change for England. A stunning piece of philatelic history.

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