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Claude Monet Autographed Letter

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Claude Monet Autographed Letter

For Sale: £4,950.00

  • Rare letter signed by revered Impressionist artist Claude Monet in 1920
  • Written on "Giverny par Vernon. Eure" stationary - Monet's famous home
  • Clear, bold signature with the letter in fantastic condition

Claude Monet (1840-1926) was a French artist and a founder of the Impressionist movement, which takes its name from the his painting, Impression: soleil levant.

He is perhaps most famous for his wonderful, dream-like works of water lillies, which were the main focus of his artistic production during the last thirty years of his life, inspired by his flower garden at his home in Giverny, France.

This fantastic item is an autographed note, written in French, from Monet acknowleding a payment of 40,000 francs. The note spans one side of a single sheet measuring 5" x 6.6", and is dated 28 February 1920.

The note contains a letterhead reading "Giverny par Vernon. Eure". This was Monet's home in his later life, as well as home to his garden which was the inspiration behind his water lily and weeping willow paintings.

The letter reads, in English:

"Just a note to acknowledge the receipt of your check of 40,000 francs and to thank you for the articles that you sent me which I will inspect. You have bought a lot at this sale".

This wonderful item, which features Monet's signature clearly, is in very good condition.


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