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China 1912 Commemorating the Revolution, Sun Yat-sen set of 12 to $5 slate SG242/53

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China 1912 Commemorating the Revolution, Dr. Sun Yat-sen set of 12 to $5 slate, SG242/53.

A mint set of fresh appearance with some gum toning or other small imperfections, all to be expected for this issue. The stamps all benefit from being unused with part to large part original gum.

Sun Yat-sen (12 November 1866 - 12 March 1925) was a Chinese politician, physician and philosopher who provisionally served as the first president of the Republic of China. He is referred to as the "Father of the Nation". These commemorative stamps honour his instrumental role in overthrowing the Qing dynasty during the Xinhai Revolution of 1911. The revolution led to the removal of China's last imperial dynasty and the establishment of the Republic of China. 

A fine set of important commemorative Chinese stamps at a very keen price. The Stanley Gibbons catalogue price for this set is £3,000.


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