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China 1878 3ca brown-red SG2

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China 1878 The First Issue "Large Dragons" 3ca brown-red, 2½mm spacing on thin paper, horizontal pair from setting 1, clichés 11-12.

Fine used by light CUSTOMS/NINGPO circular datestamp in blue, cliché 12 showing constant variety 'break in dragons' lower-right claw', left stamp minor imperfections (mentioned for accuracy).

In 1878 a postal service was first established between the various Treaty Ports by the Customs and a set of 3 stamps was printed for the collection of mail taxes. The first issue was composed of three values, 1,3 and 5 candareens.

The first printing of December 1878 was on thin hard paper in sheets of 25 stamps. A wonderful multiple of the first stamp printings from the Chinese Empire.

A scarce multiple. SG2

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