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Cyprus 1925 Duty Die Proofs - SG120, 122


Cyprus 1925 Duty Die Proofs SG120, 122

For Sale: £3,750

1925 (24 Aug to 2 Sep) duty die proofs for the new 1½pi and 2½pi plates (each with HORIZONTAL fraction bar), the unique and remarkably full documentation comprising three proofs of each value in different forms.

The first pair are cut down (27-28 x 33-5mm) and affixed to separate cards (70 x 85mm) with matching M/S endorsements ('Cyprus Req 3947/1' at upper right, dated '28.8.25' at lower right, with 'appd/J Stanford/26/8' above).

The second pair are stamp-size, and affixed to day book piece with M/S endorsements 'Aug 31st/120' and 'Sep 2nd/120' above, indicating date of striking the 120 leads for each plate. The third pair are matching 92x60mm cards, with 'AFTER/STRIKING' handstamped at lower right.

An extraordinary assembly which could not be replicated, the first pair of a character not otherwise recorded for Cyprus, the day book piece ex RL Zurich 23/3/76, lot 209 (part).

An ex Stanley Gibbons stock item.

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