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SOMALILAND PROTECTORATE 1912-13 ½a to 1r, eight values SPECIMENS, SG60/9s

SKU JC2405

Somaliland Protectorate 1912-13 ½a to 1r, watermark MCA, eight values (excluding 1a, 2½a), with two examples each of 3a to 12a (the 3a and 6a to 12a in rejoined horizontal pairs), all overprinted 'SPECIMEN', with additional part strikes of receiving handstamps.

From the Gabon Universal Postal Union (UPU) archive (dispersed c.1975). The 2a, 3a, 8a, 12a with 'COLONIE DUE GABON/SECRETARIAT GENERAL', the others with 'COLONIE du GABON et du CONGO FRANCAIS/DIRECTION de L'INTERIEUR', the two types having been in concurrent use.

The stamps are without gum, which is as usual. There are the odd small faults, barely detracting from overall quality, as a rare and fascinating group of King George V stamps.

There are only three examples in existence of each value sent to Gabon, with the pairs, therefore unique. (N.B. Fragments of a 2a pair are adhering to the reverse of the 6a pair, proving that the 2a in this group is the only possible survivor from the original three).

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