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BECHUANALAND 1913-24 2s6d deep sepia-brown variety, SG83a

SKU JC3014

Bechuanaland 1913-24 2s6d deep sepia-brown, "Seahorses", Waterlow printing, showing the prominent re-entry (R2/1), SG83a.

A fine mint example with large part original gum Slight gum creasing and yellowing, but still of fine appearance and rare.

Accompanied with a clear Brandon certificate of authenticity (1989).

Such was the success and popularity of the famous Seahorses stamp issue in Great Britain that it was overprinted and used in other countries in the British Empire including Morocco, Offices in the Turkish Empire, Bechuanaland and Ireland. The stamp is considered a miniature piece of propaganda in response to the German threat posed to Britain at sea on the eve of World War I. The Seahorses boldly claimed Britain’s naval domination and reputation of being "ruler of the seas".

The Stanley Gibbons catalogue value is £1,400.

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