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Lot 262: Jonas Salk Signed book - The Survival of the Wisest. First edition. NY

Lot 261: Carl Sagan Signed book - Intelligent Life in the Universe. First editio...

Lot 214: July - John Updike Broadside

Lot 206: American Steam Vessels

Lot 198: Salinger's Short Stories

Lot 188: Moliere's Tartuffe for Limited Editions Club

Lot 196: Set of Prescott's Works

Lot 195: Colt Press The Journal of Julius Rodman

Lot 197: Posters from Whittington, 1996-2013

Lot 215: Signed Limited Edition of Updike's S.

Lot 185: Signed Limited Edition of Maugham's A Writer's Notebook

Lot 186: Early Geographical References to America

Lot 202: Collection of vintage illustrated sheet music

Lot 212: Statutes of the United States

Lot 179: Signed Joyce Kilmer's Trees and Other Poems

Lot 171: American decorated binding Edwin Abbey

Lot 168: Hallam's History of England

Lot 169: Early History of Mobile, AL

Lot 170: First 7 Issues of Hemingway Notes Bound Together

Lot 173: Life of Mozart, In Three Volumes

Lot 151: Klosterheim: or, The Masque. By The English Opium-Eater

Lot 152: De Waal's Sherlock Holmes Bibliography

Lot 166: Cent Proverbs

Lot 161: Art & Artists of New Jersey 1/100 copies

Lot 149: Woffington: A Tribute to the Actress and the Woman

Lot 159: Ward Ritchie and Rockwell Kent

Lot 127: Richard Wagener California in Relief 1/10 Proof Copies

Lot 135: Sterne's Sentimental Journey Black Sun Press

Lot 139: The History of Illinois - Discovery to 1844

Lot 144: Several Have Lived Illustrated by Andre Masson