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Lot 115: Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles Print

Lot 97: L. Sprague de Camp and P. Schuyler Miller: Genus Homo Signed Book

Lot 99: Robert Heinlein: Starship Troopers First Edition Book

Lot 101: Frank Herbert: Dune Signed Book

Lot 117: Ray Bradbury Signed Photographs

Lot 113: Ray Bradbury: The Illustrated Man Signed Book

Lot 93: Percy Greg: Across the Zodiac First Edition Book

Lot 94: Amazing Stories Group of (7) Magazines

Lot 100: Forrest J. Ackerman and Marion Z. Bradley Signed Check

Lot 103: Larry Niven: Ringworld Signed Book

Lot 116: Ray Bradbury Signed Photograph

Lot 114: Ray Bradbury: A Medicine for Melancholy Signed Book

Lot 106: Stephen King Signed Photograph

Lot 111: Isaac Asimov: Robots and Empire Signed Book

Lot 109: Isaac Asimov: Pebble in the Sky First Edition Book

Lot 112: Isaac Asimov Signed Photograph and Typed Note

Lot 107: Fredric Brown: And the Gods Laughed Signed Book

Lot 104: E. Hoffmann Price: The Devil Wives of Li Fong Galley Proof

Lot 105: Stephen King: Firestarter Signed Book

Lot 96: Science Fiction Authors: First Edition Books

Lot 98: Robert Heinlein: Assignment in Eternity First Edition Book

Lot 108: Orson Scott Card: The Folk of the Fringe Signed Book

Lot 110: Isaac Asimov: The End of Eternity First Edition Book

Lot 118: Michael Crichton Signed Photograph

Lot 102: Kurt Vonnegut Signed Typescript

Lot 95: King Kong First Edition Book

Lot 92: Gustavus W. Pope: Journey to Venus Book

Lot 1767: Poetica Erotica, edited by T.R. Smith

Lot 1770: The Eight Volumes of Letters

Lot 1766: Prideaux, Humphrey The Old and New Testament