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Lot 557: 18th century judicial writings

Lot 542: Color plates of Papuan marsupials

Lot 554: Hurlburt Motor Trucks 1917

Lot 552: 4 miniatures from the Stone Street Press

Lot 535: A Commonplace Book 1/40, 1956

Lot 541: Atlas der Gelenkkrankheiten

Lot 534: Joan the Maid of Orleans Grabhorn Press

Lot 536: Original art for Fantine Avenel by Lucie Lacoste

Lot 549: Thierry Ruinart, Acta Sincera 1713

Lot 539: A Practical Synopsis of Cutaneous Diseases

Lot 486: Yolla Bolly Press Vineyards of California

Lot 526: Three Little Pigs 1933

Lot 488: Valenti Angelo: Author, Illustrator, Printer 1/400

Lot 525: Dibdin's Library Companion, 1824

Lot 533: Metzgar on the Japanese Print Grabhorn Press

Lot 528: Attractively bound prayer book

Lot 522: Dashiel Hammett The Crusader Joe D'Ambrosio

Lot 480: Passion of Christ in fine engravings 1693

Lot 514: The Lady's and Gentleman's Botanical Pocket Book 1800

Lot 482: Whittington Press Hellmuth Weissenborn, Engraver

Lot 517: Derriere Le Miroir w/Chagall lithographs

Lot 511: 20 botanical color plates

Lot 473: 8 illustrated clothing catalogues

Lot 470: 1st issue of Stowe's We and Our Neighbors

Lot 492: Tik-Tok of Oz in DJ

Lot 508: Japanese Books and Scrolls 1/450

Lot 515: Idylls of the King with Bridale illustrations

Lot 518: Proof sheet for 1925 comic strip Toots and Casper

Lot 462: Reelant on antiquties of ancient Palestine 1743

Lot 505: Valenti Angelo 1/400