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The Penny Black Collection

The Penny Black Collection

The Penny Black postage stamp collection

The Penny Black postage stamp represents the birth of global communication.

And this unique collection contains some of the most coveted items in all of philately.

These magnificent stamps and covers have been carefully chosen to represent the highest quality and condition available.

Together they can form the foundation of a personal collection that will give you a lifetime of pleasure.

And they can also serve as powerful additions to your existing investment portfolio.

Every collection tells a story. This one is better than most.

It's the tale of how this single 3/4 inch piece of paper changed the course of history.

The introduction of the Penny Black on May 6, 1840 made posting a letter easy, reliable and affordable to the masses for the first time.

It sparked a communication boom, and by the end of that year more than 160 million letters had been sent using the new postal system.

The Penny Black was only produced for a single year, before it was replaced by the Penny Red in 1841.

But its remarkable legacy lives on in the 21st century.

More than 180 years later, this icon of philately remains a cornerstone for collectors of every generation around the world.

It's an object as important as the first printed book, the first aircraft or the first home computer. These are inventions that changed our world forever.

The finest and rarest Penny Black items can stand alone as historic treasures, which appeal to collectors across the board.

• These are rare collectibles you'll own with pride for years to come.

• Tangible assets with a strong proven track record, even during times of financial crisis.

• And precious heirlooms to pass down through your family for generations.

Great Britain 1840 1d black (VR Official). SG V1

Great Britain 1840 1d black (VR Official)

Superb unused original gum four margin example lettered GH.

A very fresh and attractive example of this are departmental issue with stunning colour and gum, a wonderful exhibition piece. Spec VR1.1976 Royal Philatelic Certificate. SG V1

Price: £32,000

 Great Britain 1840 1d Black Plate 5, SG2.

Great Britain 1840 1d Black Plate 5, SG2.

A very fine and fresh mint example with large part original gum and four close to large margins, lettered FL.

Accompanied by a 2006 Brandon Certificate of Authenticity.

The Stanley Gibbons catalogue value is £12,500


Great Britain 1840 1d black, Plate 11, SG2

Great Britain 1840 1d black, Plate 11, SG2.

A very fine used example with four good to large margins lettered HE, in the characteristic greyish black shade, cancelled by a black Maltese Cross.

A good quality example of the holy grail of penny black collecting, the elusive last printing plate. Only 168,000 were printed from this plate, representing a mere fraction of the total number of penny blacks printed of 68 million.

Very few have survived from this plate number, particularly in fine condition.

Accompanied with a Royal Philatelic Society (RPS) certificate of authenticity (2004).

The SG catalogue value is £4,600.

Price: £3,950

Great Britain 1840 1d grey black plate 1a, SG3

Great Britain 1840 1d grey black Plate 1a, SG3

A superb mint with original gum large four margin horizontal pair lettered FB-FC and a strip of three lettered FD-FF reforming an original strip of five.

Light diagonal crease crosses the FB-FC, nevertheless a stunning multiple with fresh gum and a magnificent grey-black worn impression, the strip of five believed to be one of the largest surviving worn plate multiples from this plate.

The first printing plate of the penny black was registered on 15 April 1840. As the plate had not been hardened it soon showed signs of wear.

The plate was withdrawn due to the wear and extensive repairs were undertaken. The first printings prior to repairs are referred to as Plate 1a and the repaired state as Plate 1b.

Provenance: Ex. Percy de Worms & Grand Prix Gold Medal Winning Collection "Mayflower".

Accompanied with two certificates of authenticity from the British Philatelic Society (BPA) from 2006 & 2010.

The Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Queen Victoria Specialised Catalogue, last published in 2011, lists the value of a pair at £70,000 and a block of four at a value of £225,000.

Price: £125,000

Great Britain 1840 1d black, plate 1a, SG2

Great Britain 1840 1d black, plate 1a, SG2.

A superb example lettered 'BH' used on a neat entire lettersheet from London to Birmingham on May 6th 1840, the first day of use, tied by red Maltese Cross cancellation.

A stunning quality first day cover of the world's first postage stamp marking the dawn of prepaid postage and spawning a communications revolution.

Shows a fine circular date stamp for "MY 6 1840". A beautiful display piece of the ultimate trophy asset in philately.

Accompanied with an independent certificate of authenticity from the British Philatelic Association (BPA).

The Stanley Gibbons specialised catalogue lists a penny black 6th May cover at a price of £160,000.

GB Specialised Catalogue Number: A1ta.

Price: £160,000

Great Britain 1840 1d Mulready letter sheet, Stereo A18,  forme 2, SGME1

Great Britain 1840 1d Mulready letter sheet, Stereo A18, forme 2, SGME1

Great Britain 1840 1d Mulready letter sheet, uprated to 2d for weight up to 1 ounce with 1d penny black, plate 1a.

The letter sheet was sent on May 9th, 1840 (the fourth day of issue) from London to Carlisle cancelled by two red Maltese Crosses.

This is the only uprated 1d Mulready recorded on this date known to exist.

An exceptional unique item of a very high quality and one for the connoisseur of early postal history.

Accompanied with an independent and clean certificate of authenticity from the Royal Philatelic Society (RPS).

Price: £30,000

Great Britain 1840 1d grey black, plate 1a, SG3

Great Britain 1840 1d grey black, plate 1a, SG3

Very fine used four margin example of the "Penny Black", neatly tied to entire contrary to regulations at the left hand side of the letter by a brownish red Maltese Cross.

Sent from London to Newmarket with a superb London Chief Office Evening duty circular date stamp for MY.7.1840.

Interesting contents concern the transport of new troops to Bombay for the East India Company, presumably as reinforcements for the troops that were stationed at Cabul following the first stage of the 1st Afghan war.

A wonderful piece of postal history and on the second day of issue of the penny black and the birth of prepaid postage.

The quality is quite exceptional and such early May date covers are rarely seen so fine.

The item is accompanied with a British Philatelic Association (BPA) certificate of authenticity.

Price: £17,500

Great Britain 1840 1d black cover, SG2

Great Britain 1840 1d black cover, SG2

Great Britain 1841 (Jan 18) entire from Jersey to Yarmouth, Norfolk bearing 1d black "FI", plate 1a (SG2) with close to good margins, tied by Maltese Cross struck in black ink.

With Jersey double arc circular datestamp in black and London transit circular date stamp in red on reverse, which also shows an offset of the black Maltese Cross.

A fine and attractive cover despite some minor staining around the adhesive of the stamp.

A very important and rare abnormal usage of the black Maltese Cross outside of London.

The black Maltese Cross was officially introduced on February 10th, 1841, with this example pre-dating the official date by 22 days.

Contrary to official instructions, it would appear that Jersey began the use of black ink for cancellations in November 1840, the latest recorded use of red ink being November 23rd and the first use of black ink November 27th.

Provenance: Ex Chartwell Collection.

Price: £3,995

Eight superb items. One exceptional price.

The Penny Black Collection is your opportunity to own these eight philatelic treasures.

Each of them rare. Iconic. Highly sought-after.

And it's also your opportunity to acquire them at an exceptional price.

Because the full retail value of these eight pieces is £378,945.

But purchased as a single collection, the total cost to you is just £250,000.

That's a discount of 34%. Saving you £128,945.

You won't find a finer collection - or a better deal - anywhere else.

So to purchase the collection, today contact us now.

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