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When Great Britain ruled

We will never see its like again. 

It was the empire on which the sun never set. 

When Great Britain ruled a quarter of the globe. 

Today you have an opportunity.  

An opportunity to own a collection years in the making

A collection of iconic British Empire postage stamps from yesteryear. Handpicked by our specialists for their investment potential. 

Embark on a philatelic tour that brings every corner of the empire – from Australia to Zanzibar – into your home. 

This is the first time I have offered this collection for sale. 

As a subscriber, not only do you see it first...

You can also claim an extraordinary offer waiting for you. That’s not available to the general public. 

But do hurry.

 Discover the A-Z of British Empire Stamps Collection now

Thank you for reading, 

Mike Hall 

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