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Steve Mcqueen


A list of the ten most valuable pieces of memorabilia owned by the iconic star known as the 'King of Cool'.

10) 1971 Husqvarna 400 Cross motorcycle

Steve McQueen’s love of motorcycles was legendary, as was his passion for off-road racing. When the Swedish-made Husqvarna was launched on the American market in 1970, the bike quickly became a favourite of McQueen’s and he bought several models. This 1971 400 Cross model was sold at McQueen’s estate auction in Las Vegas following his death in 1980, and later auctioned again in May 2011 at Bonhams for $144,500(Image: Bonhams)

9) 1920 Indian Powerplus ‘Daytona’ Racing motorcycle

McQueen’s favoured model of motorcycle was Indian, the American company which built machines during the first half of the 20th century. He had an extensive collection of vintage bikes, including this 1920 Indian Powerplus ‘Daytona’ Racing Motorcycle – a favourite of the company’s factory racing team during the 1920s. It was sold during a Bonhams auction of McQueen’s motorcycles and memorabilia in November 2006, for $150,000(Image: Bonhams)

8) 1934 Indian Sport Scout motorcycle

The Sport Scout was one of Indian’s most successful motorcycles of the 1930s, combining a lightweight frame with great speed and durability. Of the many Indian bikes in McQueen’s collection, this model is to date the most expensive – having sold at Bonhams in November 2006 for $177,500(Image: Bonhams)

7) Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner watch

This 1967 Rolex Ref. 5512, Oyster Perpetual Submariner watch was given by McQueen to his close friend Jimmy Bruckner in 1980. McQueen met Bruckner through his motorcycle racing coach Bud Elkins in 1975, and soon bonded over their passion for collecting everything from cars and motorcycles to firearms and antiques. McQueen later placed Bruckner in charge of his own vehicle collection, and in 1984 Brucker oversaw the McQueen Estate auction at the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas. The watch was sold at an Antiquorum auction in 2009 for a record $234,000(Image: Antiquorum)

6) Scott Super Squirrel motorcycle motorcycle

This 1929 Scott 596cc Super Squirrel was part of McQueen’s extensive vintage motorcycle collection, and one of many models he had restored and repainted by Kenneth ‘Von Dutch’ Howard – the ‘Godfather of Kustom Kulture’. Von Dutch’s designs helped influence car and motorcycle customizing in the 1950s and 60s, and were later built into a global clothing brand. This custom restoration was sold at auction by Antiquorum in June 2009 for $276,000. (Image: Antiquorum

5) 1937 Crocker ‘Hemi-Head’ V-Twin motorcycle

Crocker motorcycles are amongst the most highly sought after by collectors – including Steve McQueen. The American company only produced around 60 twin-cylinder street bikes, each one hand-built and unique, before ceasing production in 1941. This 1937 machine, once part of McQueen’s esteemed collection, sold at Bonhams in 2006 for $276,500 – setting a new world record for the model at auction. *(Image: Bonhams) *

4) Le Mans watch

The 1970 film Le Mans is one of McQueen’s most famous roles, a movie light on dialogue and heavy on racing which has become a classic for motorsport enthusiasts. This Swiss Heur watch was one of three worn by McQueen during filming, and can be seen repeatedly throughout the final film. Also worn by McQueen for publicity purposes whilst promoting the film, the watch set a record in July 2012 when it sold at Profiles in History for $799,500 – the most ever paid for a screen-worn watch. (Image: Profiles in History

3) Le Mans racing suit

McQueen’s white Le Mans racing suit, worn throughout the film and featured heavily on posters, is one of cinema’s most famous costumes. Following the film’s release it was donated to the British Observer newspaper, and given away as the top prize in a competition to promote the film in 1971. It was won by 12 year old Timothy Davies of Wolverhampton, England, and forty years later hit the auction block at Profiles in History where it smashed its estimate to sell for $984,000(Image: Profiles in History

2) 1970 Porsche 911S

This slate grey Porsche 911S appears in the famous opening scene of Le Mans, a 3 minute, 40 second-sequence which feature nothing but McQueen doing what he did best – driving fast. He took delivery on the set and later had the car shipped back to California, where it joined an almost-identical but slightly older model in his collection. However, this older Porsche had already been fitted with a state-of-the-art stereo system, so the new model was sold less than a year later to an L.A.-based attorney who kept it in secret for more than 30 years. It sold at RM Auctions in August 2011 for $1,375,000(Image: RM Auctions)

1) 1963 Ferrari 250 Gt/L Lusso Berlinetta

In 1963, after years of increasing success and an ever-growing car collection, McQueen bought his first Ferrari from Otto Zipper Motors in Santa Monica. Finished in Marrone metallic brown paint, the car featured Borrani wire wheels and a Pininfarina body sculptured by renowned coachbuilder Scagletti. McQueen sold the car in 1973, after a decade of extensive use, and in 1997 it was purchased by a collector who spent 4000 hours restoring it to its original condition. Described as “the world’s finest surviving example of a 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso”, it sold at Christie’s in August 2007 for a record price of $2,310,000(Image: Christie's)

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