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This market is racing fast. Don't get left behind.

This market is racing fast. Don't get left behind.

This market is racing fast. Don't get left behind.

Hi fellow collector

The heat. The speed. The pressure.

Everything about Formula 1 racing is intense.

Fierce rivalries. Passionate fans. A global audience of 1.55 billion watching every twist and turn.

Drivers pushing their cars and bodies to the limit at 200mph.

In F1, if you're not fast - you're last.

And now that goes for collectors as well.

The market for Formula 1 memorabilia is set to explode.

Why? Because America has finally discovered F1 racing.

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The 2021 Austin Formula 1 Grand Prix attracted a crowd of 400,000 - the largest in the sport's entire history (Image credit: Formula One)

In 2017 US company Liberty Media bought the sport and hit the big time.

They created the hit Netflix show Drive to Survive, which brought F1 to an entire new generation of American fans.

The success in the US has been seismic. The value of the sport has grown from $8 billion to $13 billion in just three years.

ESPN's ratings for F1 races have doubled. The 2021 Austin Grand Prix attracted a crowd of 400,000 - the biggest in the sport's history.

And due to demand, in 2023 the US will become the only country to host three F1 races (Austin, Miami and Las Vegas).

This success directly translates to the world of rare collectibles.

Here's a quick - and very recent - example.

  • In 2021 the auction record for an F1 trading card was $59,000.
  • In March this year that figure jumped to $312,000.
  • And six days ago in New Jersey it jumped again – to $900,000.

That's a record price for any F1 item, apart from the cars themselves. And it's just the tip of the iceberg.

So what does this mean for you?

Right now is a great time to own F1 memorabilia.

And for collectors, one key name stands out above the rest.

A man voted by fans as the most influential person in Formula One history.

Michael Schumacher.

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Michael Schumacher - voted by fans as the most influential driver in Formula One history.

Michael Schumacher is an absolute icon of motorsports.

His name stands for two things: driving and winning.

He holds the record of 7 championship titles (along with Lewis Hamilton).

And between 2000 and 2004 he won a staggering 48 races and five consecutive driver's championships.

Few people in history have ever dominated their sport so completely.

He's up there with Pele. Muhammad Ali. Babe Ruth. Michael Jordan.

All of them legends with legacies that grow year upon year.

Michael Schumacher inspired an entire generation of today's drivers.

He remains a hero to millions of racing fans around the world.

And his memorabilia is one of the biggest prizes in collecting.

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A highly rare Michael Schumacher Formula 1 racing suit from the early years of his career

Like this.

This is a genuine Michael Schumacher Formula 1 racing suit.

The F1 equivalent of Babe Ruth's bat, or Michael Jordan's sneakers.

It's as close to greatness as you can get.

If you're a fan of motor sports, it's one of the finest items you can own.

During his record-breaking F1 career Schumacher competed in 306 races.

But only 25 of his racing suits have ever appeared on the market.

That figure tells you two things.

1) Collectors do not part with them easily.

2) You will rarely get the opportunity to own one of them.

This is your chance today.

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The suit has remained in its original condition since the German Grand Prix in 1993

This suit originates from the German Grand Prix in July 1993.

It was Schumacher's third year in F1, and his second full season driving for the Benetton team.

He was young, hungry and determined to get a result on home soil.

He likely wore the suit during the crucial qualifying stages, as he battled for pole position against Ayrton Senna and Damon Hill.

After a fiercely fought weekend Schumacher was third on the grid.

And during a highly dramatic race, he set a series of fastest lap times to finish in second place behind Alain Prost.

He later presented this suit as a gift to his German PR company Extract.

Today, almost 30 years later, it remains untouched.

In original condition with visible wear.

A stunning piece of Formula 1 racing history.

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Michael Schumacher is simply one of the most iconic names in motorsports history

In a hobby where game-worn jerseys and game-used bats sell for millions...

Where does that put a racing suit like this?

Worn behind the wheel by one of the greatest drivers of all-time?

In my opinion, it's amazingly undervalued.

Formula 1 racing is a truly global sport with a rich history. It has millions of fans, including some very wealthy collectors.

But American collectors drive the sports memorabilia market. And now Formula 1 has cracked the US, serious money is starting to roll in.

The brand-new Miami Grand Prix this weekend will cement Formula 1 as one of the fastest-growing sports in the US.

And Michael Schumacher is a hero to every single driver on that starting grid. One of them is even his son.

So his legacy will continue to grow, just like the popularity of Formula 1.

Just imagine what this racing suit could be worth in years to come.

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An exceptional piece of Formula 1 history - and you can own it today for just £15,000

If you're already an F1 fan, you know how good this racing suit is.

And if you're new to the sport, it's an exceptional place to start.

  • Worn by the most influential figure in Formula 1 history
  • In completely original condition
  • Guaranteed 100% authentic with superb provenance

This is a major display piece for any collection of sports memorabilia.

A special item with the power to grow in significance and value in the future.

It's the only Michael Schumacher racing suit I've ever offered.

I doubt I'll see another. As I said, they so rarely appear for sale.

So don't miss your opportunity to own this exceptional piece of Formula 1 history... before the market really puts it foot down.

You can purchase it now for just £15,000 ($18,500).

Purchase now

To give you complete peace of mind, this suit comes with a Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee and my own personal Certificate of Authenticity.

And delivery is completely free and fully insured.

So no matter where you are in the world, we'll race it to your door.

This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of the Formula 1 memorabilia market.

A genuine Michael Schumacher racing suit is one of the most iconic pieces money can buy.

So email me at to secure it for your collection.

Or call me on +44 (0) 1534 639 998.

I look forward to hearing from you.

And if you're tuning in to the Miami Grand Prix this weekend, enjoy the race!

Thanks for reading,

Paul Fraser,

Chairman, Just Collecting.

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