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This could be your greatest achievement

This could be your greatest achievement

This could be your greatest achievement

Hi fellow collector


It's not a term I use often. But I will today.

Because when this piece arrived in the office it did just that.

It took my breath away. I promise it will do the same to you.

Every autograph dealer and collector in the world has a wishlist.

The life-long dream items. The rarest of the rare.

And if you're passionate about history, this piece will be one of them.

A Royal manuscript. From England's Golden Age.

Signed by the hand of Queen Elizabeth I.

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Elizabeth I remains one of the most powerful and iconic figures in world history.

Elizabeth I's reign (1558-1603) was a glorious period in English history.

A Renaissance era of peace, prosperity and creativity.

  • Her navy defeated the Spanish Armada
  • Her explorers discovered new worlds in the Americas
  • And her reign brought forth the language of Shakespeare

Elizabeth inspired artists and poets, ministers and military leaders - and most importantly the people of England.

She was known as 'Gloriana', devoted to protecting the nation. The Virgin Queen who was married to her country.

And today - just as then - Elizabeth I is admired around the world as an inspirational leader.

She's one of history's most iconic figures.

That's why I'm immensely proud to offer you this magnificent document.

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A piece of history to take your breath away: an incredibly rare document signed by Queen Elizabeth I in 1591.

A royal manuscript signed by Queen Elizabeth I in 1591.

An incredible rarity few people in the world will ever own.

Make no mistake: this is the pinnacle of autograph collecting.

  • It features an exceptional Elizabeth I autograph
  • It remains beautifully preserved
  • And it relates to England's oldest and highest chivalric order

This is simply one of the finest historic manuscripts available today.

It's completely fresh to the market.

And this is your exclusive opportunity to acquire it.

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This impressive document measures 10.5” by 8”, and retains its original wafer and red wax Royal seals.

The condition of this document is quite remarkable.

After 431 years it remains fully intact, with crisp edges and no paper loss.

It features faint vertical and horizontal folds, along with minor stains common in a manuscript of this age.

And it also retains the original wafer seal, attached by another official red wax seal from the royal court.

(Due to their delicate nature, very few wafer seals from the Elizabethan era remain intact on documents, making this an exceptional example).

The main body of text is also clear and beautifully inscribed, with very little ink fading.

And above is the largest Elizabeth I autograph you will ever see.

It commands an entire third of the document's size.

Signed boldly with her confident flourish, "Elizabeth R".

You won't find a more visually impressive royal signature than this.

As display pieces go, this is an absolute showstopper.

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This document features the largest and finest Elizabeth I autograph you will ever see.

The historical context of this document is also exceptional.

It's a royal warrant issued by Elizabeth I to her Chancellor of the Exchequer John Fortescue in April 1591.

It asks him to supply a special ceremonial outfit to Anthony Wingfield Esquire, including:

“One Robe lace of blue Silke and gold, withe buttons and Tassells of lyke silke and golde. And also one scutchion withe a red crosse in the middest of the same embroidered with silke and silver.”

Wingfield was about to join the Order of the Garter, an order of chivalry founded in 1348 by King Edward III.

Today the order survives as Britain's highest order of knighthood, with members personally appointed by Queen Elizabeth II.

And their traditional robes remain identical to those mentioned in this manuscript.

The document reads in full:

"We will and commande you Immediatlie upon the sight hereof to deliver or cause to be delivered unto our welbelovid Servaunte Anthonie Wingfelde Esquire by us nowe chosen and appoynted to be gentleman usher of this most honorable Order of the Garter in the rome and place of William Norris Esquire late gentleman usher disceased eightene yardes of Crinsim Satten for a mantle; twelve yardes of white Sarcenet to hont the same mantle.

"One Robe lace of blue Silke and gold, withe buttons and Tassells of lyke silke and golde. And also one scutchion withe a red crosse in the middest of the same embroidered with silke and silver.

"And these owrdres shalbe your suffycyente warrante and dischardge in this behalf. Yeoven under our Signett at our manoure of Estgrenewiche the xxixth day of Aprile in the xxxiiith yeare of our raigne 1591.

"To our righte trustie and welbelovid Consayloure John Fortescue Esquire Mastor of our Estate warderobe."

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This document is an order for a ceremonial outfit, worn by members of the Order of the Royal Garter from the 14th century to the present day.

At its heart, this is history at its finest.

A piece of paper touched and signed by the royal hand of Elizabeth I.

An item with a story that connects medieval England to the present day.

It's genuinely awe-inspiring.

Because the dream of owning a piece like this is why we all became collectors.

It's one of the highest achievements in the hobby. The pride is immeasurable.

And in years to come, you know you have a truly valuable heirloom to pass down to your family.

Elizabeth I's legacy burns brightly after more than 450 years. She remains the embodiment of the English spirit.

So the importance of this document will never diminish.

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Owning an Elizabeth I signed manuscript is one of the highest achievements in autograph collecting.

This document took my breath away when I received it.

And now it's your turn.

You can become the proud owner of this magnificent manuscript.

  • It has the largest and finest Elizabeth I signature you'll ever see
  • The quality and condition are worthy of any museum
  • And it bears a deep-rooted connection to more than 650 years of English history and tradition

Only a handful of collectors will ever own Elizabeth I's autograph. Even fewer will own an example as good as this.

Today you can add your name to that rarified list.

This is the crowning glory of your collection.

You can purchase it now for £65,000 ($80,290).

Purchase now

To give you complete peace of mind, this document comes with a Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee and my own personal Certificate of Authenticity.

And delivery is completely free and fully insured.

Owning this Elizabeth I signed royal document could be your greatest achievement as a collector.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime. So take it.

Purchase it now, or email me at to secure it for your collection.

You can also call me on +44 (0) 1534 69998.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for reading,

Paul Fraser,

Chairman, Just Collecting.

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