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Strangest Celebrity-Related Collectibles


The Top 10... Strangest celebrity-related collectibles

Thought the recent sale of singer Justin Biebers hair was weird? Thats only the tip of the iceberg...

1) Lee Harvey Oswald's coffin - $87,469

The coffin which contained Lee Harvey Oswald's body for 18 yearsafter his death was sold by a Texas funeral home owner, last year. He exchanged it with Oswald's family for a new onewhen the body was exhumed in 1981.

Oswald's body wasdug upto disprove the popularconspiracy theory that the man buried inside was actually a Soviet agent.It wasbelieved that the agent hadtaken Oswald's identity to kill President John F. Kennedy - which the exhumation disproved.

Bids for the coffin were taken online and by telephone. It wassold for $87,469 in December 2010.

JFKs assassin Lee Harvey Oswald in his coffin, which was later sold for $87,000

2) Marilyn Monroe's X-rays - $45,000

In June 2010, a Julien's Auctions sale featured three lots of X-rays of the Hollywood starlet Marilyn Monroe.

The X-rays achieved $45,000 in total but were sold as three separate lots.Naturally, the most coveted of the three was that of Monroe's chest. Itwas auctioned for $25,000.

Monroe's X-rays werescanned at the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Florida, wherethe Some Like It Hot starhad surgery for endometriosis in November 1954.

An intimate look at Marilyn Monroe ... Her chest X-ray, auctioned for $25,000

3) Justin Bieber's hair - $40,668

In March 2011, the teen pop sensation traded in his trademark fringe for a new 'do - and presented his offcut hair as a belated birthday gift to US TV star Ellen DeGeneres when he appeared on her chat show,last February.

DeGeneres then sold the hair on eBay with the proceeds going to the Gentle Barn organisation, a charity which rescues abused farm animals and rehabilitates them to help at-risk and special needs children.

According to the online collectibles guide, Wikicollecting, the 17-year-old singer's hair was sold for $40,668.

Fans got closer than ever to JustinBieber, earlier this month...

Believe it or not, celebrity hair is becoming increasingly popular with collectors.For instance, achunk of Michael Jackson's hair froman infamous 1984 Pepsi Cola commercial is being sold for 149.99 per strand by online celebrity hair retailer

4) William Shatner's kidney stone - $25,000

In 2006, William Shatner sold his kidney stone, alongside the surgical stint and string used to permit the passage of the stone, to online casino for $25,000.

The casino originally offered $15,000. But Shatner declined afternoting that his old Star Trek tunics have been known to sell for over $100,000.

With typical gusto, Shatner said of the matter: "The stone was so big, you'd want to wear it on your finger."

5) Winston Churchill's false teeth - 15,200

In 2010, the British wartime Prime Minister's gold-plated upper dentures were sold by Keys in Aylsham, Norfolk, UKfor 15,200.

The dentures were previously owned by the son of dental technician Derek Cudlipp, who originally made them.

According to Paul Fraser Collectibles, the false teeth even had a slight gap to preserve Churchill's famous trademark lisp.

Customised to preserve his famous lisp, Sir Winston Churchills dentures have previously left collectors speechless

6) Napoleon's tooth - 11,000

A tooth which is believed to have belonged to French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was sold at auction in 2005 in Wiltshire, England.

The canine, which is believed to have been pulled in 1817 when Napoleon suffered from scurvy, was sold by Dominic Winter Book Auctions for 11,000.

7) Tissue used by Scarlet Johansson - $5,300

A tissue used by theLost in Translation starwas sold for $5,300 on eBay in 2008.It was handed to Johansson by Tonight host Jay Leno after the film star said that she had caught a cold.

After blowing her nose on the tissue, she put it in a bag and signed it. The proceeds from the sale went to Johansson's chosen charity, USA Harvest.

8) Britney Spears' pregnancy test - $5,001

A pregnancy test used by Britney at a Los Angeles hotel, while staying there with then-husband Kevin Federline, sold to in 2005 for $5,001.

The pregnancy test was secured by Ottowa music station Hot 89.9 through aconnection it had in the hotel.

People are fascinated by Britney Spears'private life - but how about $5,001 forthe singer's pregnancy test?

The proceeds from the sale were donated to two charities; Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation and the Easter Seal Society.

9) Justin Timberlake's half eaten French toast - $3,154

A piece of French toast half eaten by former N-Sync and Social Network star Justin Timberlake sold for $3,154 on the online auction site, eBay in March 2006.

The toast was sold by a DJ from the radio station Z-100, where Timberlake had been a guest. The DJ noted that Timberlake had only eaten one bite of his toast and speedily posted the remains on eBay, with the proceeds going to charity.

The toast was purchased by 19 year-old N-Sync fan Kathy Summers who said that she would "probably freeze-dry it, then seal it ... then put it on my dresser."

10) Frisky the Coronation Street cat's ashes - 844

The ashes of the cat that starred in the opening credits of the long-running UK soap, Coronation Street, were sold by Dominic Winter Book Auctions in July 2010 for 844 -well exceeding the 150 pre-sale estimate.

The ashes of the cat, which died in 2000, were accompanied by a cremation certificate and photographs of the cat with actors from the show.

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