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Market Report

The Most Iconic Undervalued British Stamp

It might surprise you to hear this… 

The most successful British stamp issue of all time is also, quite possibly, currently the most under-valued in the market.

However, this peculiar market anomaly looks set to change.

Market timing is key to buying stamps for future profit.

If you had bought this stamp at the turn of the century, you would have seen 150% growth in value by 2010. 

Now, that is particularly impressive when you consider what happened to the worldwide economy in 2008.

Yet, this stamp has struggled since then to continue to deliver such impressive growth rates.

Exceptional events in the past 10 years have interrupted what was a long history of being a great stamp investment.

Current prices make no sense. It is one of the most desirable and widely collected stamps in the world.

We can see a major catalyst ahead and a potential return to the bull market which has categorised this stamp throughout its history.

The timing of our report and your opportunity to get involved is just right.


And then… contact us today at or call +44(0)1534 639998.

We have limited supply so please contact us at your earliest convenience to secure this wonderful undervalued stamp icon.

Kind regards 

Mike Hall

PS. We have examples of this famous stamp available at the moment starting at £975 for a fine used example all the way up to £35,000 for a magnificent exhibition piece.

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