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Led Zeppelin collectibles and memorabilia are items relating to the iconic British rock band Led Zeppelin.

Brief history/biography

Led Zeppelin formed in London in 1968 and consisted of Robert Plant on vocals, Jimmy Page on guitar, John Bonham on drums and John Paul Jones on bass guitar and keyboards. By the early 1970s they were considered to be "the biggest band in the world" and in 2008 they were declared as "the greatest rock and roll band of all time."

Originally Led Zeppelin was supposed to be a heavy metal band, but thanks to the talent of Jimmy Page (also of Yardbirds fame) their sound soon overlapped into the blues and rock genres.

After being signed with Atlantic Records and releasing their debut album in 1969, the band became so famous that they toured nonstop for the following year. Their second album, Led Zeppelin II, which was also released in 1969, spent seven weeks at number one. Thanks to the 1971 release of "Stairway to Heaven," off of what has now been coined as their Led Zeppelin IV album, their fame and popularity climbed even higher and are now considered to be the best-selling band of all time.

Types of memorabilia


Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy in London sold a Fender telecast guitar signed by Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones for £27,000 in June of 2007.

The Fame Bureau in Dartford sold John Bonham's five piece Ludwig drum kit for $28,000 in July of 2007, and another Bonham drum kit for £16,000 in November of 2006.

Christie's in London sold an Acoustic 361 bass stack (circa 1969) which consisted of a Model 360 bass amplifier and a 361PP bass cabinet (which was used by John Paul Jones between 1969 and 1976) for £13,750 in July of 2008.

Christie's in New York sold a black Fender Starcaster signed by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant for $1,875 in November of 2008, and a Rickenbacker Transonic Amplifier used by the band during their first American tour in 1969 for $11,250 in November of 2007.

Julien's in Beverly Hills sold a coil of fiber-optic cable and a violin bow used by Jimmy Page on stage during their historic Knebworth performance in 1979 for $4,200.


Christie's in New York sold their first self-titled album (which was signed by all four members of the band) for $6,000 in November of 2008, and a Led Zeppelin II album (circa 1969) also signed by all four members of the band for $10,800 in December of 2006.

Julien's in Beverly Hills sold Led Zeppelin's debut album signed by Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones for $2,812.50 in June of 2010.


Christie's in London sold a rare over-sized Led Zeppelin poster for £5,000 in June of 2010.


Christie's in New York sold a handwritten letter from Jimmy Page to a pen pal (circa 1962) for $12,500 in June of 2009.


Stormcrow Vintage sold a vintage 1979 Zeppelin concert t-shirt (which was used as a backstage pass for their 1979 tour) for $10,000 in May of 2011, which is said to be the largest amount of money ever paid for a vintage t-shirt.

Guide for collectors

Authentic Led Zeppelin memorabilia is considered a hot commodity for any celebrity memorabilia collector. Memorabilia that was signed by all four members of the band is considered both rare and valuable as opposed to memorabilia that was signed by one, two or three members. Also, Led Zeppelin memorabilia that dates back to the 1970s is considered more valuable than memorabilia from the 1980s to present.

Instruments as well as amplifiers are also considered valuable among Led Zeppelin memorabilia collectors as well. Restoration of an authentic instrument and/or amplifier is recommended only if there is noticeable damage.

A rare pressing of the soundtrack to The Song Remains the Same on white vinyl is considered to be the most rare as there are only 200 produced.

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