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Meet our superstar necklace with super-rare gems

Meet our superstar necklace with super-rare gems

We want to be upfront with you:

You'll own the superlative Ocean XXY Waves necklace in white gold, with tourmaline and diamonds for a shade over £100,000.

It's about the same as:

  • An entry level Mercedes-Benz EQS
  • An underground parking space just north of Hyde Park in London
  • An NFT of a 1-minute "Synth Poem" by DEAFBEEF
We think that's a fantastic bargain.
  • This is a one-off work of art by world-renowned Swiss jewellery designer Lisa Lesunja
  • Featuring some of the rarest and most sought-after stones on the planet
  • Just as non-fungible as any NFT Blockchain code

And It looks amazing doesn't it?

How will you feel wearing it?

Or seeing someone you love experiencing it for the first time?

Click now to own the Ocean XXY Waves necklace

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Wearable art

The Ocean XXY Waves necklace has what makes the best jewellery sing:

  • A designer with vision and artistry - and skilled craftspeople
  • Rare, beautiful raw materials with millions of years of history

In this case that means:

  • A 20-inch chain in white gold 750 or 18 karat
  • The feature stones are 25 paraiba tourmaline, weighing 28.4 carats. That's over 5.5 grams of this beautiful stone
  • Supporting them are 207 white brilliants at 4.98 carat or just under 1 gram. They make this necklace an explosion of light

750 or 18 karat gold is around 75% pure gold.

A brilliant-cut diamond is the eternal stone in its brightest form. It's the cut most commonly used in engagement rings - when everlasting love is the promise.

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There is no backstage. There are no supporting roles in this superstar necklace.

The most desired stone

And paraíba tourmaline?

You haven't seen a stone like it.

"Neon", "electric", "saturated". Gemologists reach for superlatives to describe it.

Tourmaline is rare. Paraíba is its rarest variety. The first discoveries in the state of that name in north-eastern Brazil are largely worked out now. It's only been found in a couple of other places.

It has been known to command upwards of $10,000 per carat.

Lisa needed its vivid greens to evoke her concept of the infinite ocean free from age or gender.

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An ocean of stone

"The jewellery I make is high-quality, handmade, fine jewellery. It is made from really high-quality, expensive, rare materials." 

Lisa Lesunja

The art of creation

But great stones are only potentially great jewellery.

Michelangelo, history's greatest sculptor, said: "Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it."

Jewellers have a similar task.

Lisa says: "I'm more an artist or designer than a classic goldsmith because I have a story to tell. Each piece I do I put my heart, my meaning, and my philosophy inside of it."

"Each piece I do I give it a soul. It's alive."

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A beloved artist

Dedicated customers have supported Lisa from her start in Zurich to studios in three iconic fashion locations: Zurich, New York, and St Moritz.

You could have caught the Ocean XXY Waves necklace at New York Fashion Week in 2019.

Perhaps you'll wear it there yourself one day?

Click now to own the Ocean XXY Waves necklace

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own this work of art.

It is unique. Once it has sold, your chance to wear it has gone forever.

As Lisa says: "These expressive colourful pieces of jewellery invite you to express your own dazzling individuality."

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