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Hi friend

Did you ever "borrow" jewellery from your mum's collection when you were a little girl? 

Many little girls do. 

When you did we'll bet you didn't picture yourself at a board meeting or out in a restaurant.  

Both are great occasions where fine jewellery is entirely appropriate.  

But they're not little girls' fantasies. 

You probably imagined yourself as a star or a princess.

On a red carpet or under a glittering ballroom chandelier.  

"The Enchantress" emerald and diamond necklace with its Hollywood star of a stone is worthy of those dreams. 

You can live them today.  

Thanks to a mystery celebrity, who is selling this wonderful piece. 

Click now to own the Enchantress

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For special occasions.

When you look at the Enchantress your eyes are drawn to one place. 

It is hypnotic, isn't it? 

Imagine that 15.83 carat - that's over 3 grams - vivid green emerald around your neck. 

It's a no-oil emerald. 

No-oil stones are special. Most emeralds need oil treatments to hide flaws, fractures and fissures picked up during their millions of years underground. 

No-oil emeralds are considered once-in-a-lifetime opportunities by gem collectors. 

This star stone has a dazzling supporting cast. 

A total of 12.56 carats of diamonds run around the central stone and into the gold snake chain.

Look at the way they make light dance, grabbing the attention.

The chain is made from 18 karat gold, which is around 75% purity. 

It's a testament to the spine-tingling quality of the central stone that these elements are employed in its service. 

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Did you see the Oscar nomination announcements this week?

There will be some frantic shopping going on between now and March 27th. 

The Enchantress would be a fitting addition to the red carpet at the 94th Academy Awards. 

Who can you picture wearing it?

Kristen Stewart?

Jessica Chastain? 

Judi Dench? 

It might well have been there already, round the neck of its previous owner.

A celebrity who is remaining anonymous. 

Who could it be? 

The Enchantress is extraordinarily good value. 

Today it's for sale at half the certified retail price.  

If you act now. 

Click now to own the Enchantress

Reply to this email or call UK: 0117 933 9501. 

This is the only one in the world. Once it's sold, there cannot be another. 

Thanks for reading, 

JewelStreet x

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