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investment in stamps

How to turn a hobby into a profitable investment

And… benefit from interest free credit over 6 months

We want to help you build a valuable collection. That is our raison d'être.

Our “Build a Collection” service is the most popular service we provide to our clients.

Demand for this service has increased by 300% during the pandemic.

During lockdowns, people have found happiness and personal fulfilment from taking on new hobbies and engaging more online to reduce the feelings of isolation.

We are pleased to have been able to help so many of our clients during this most difficult period of time.

Not only have our clients told us how much they have enjoyed seeing their valuable collections blossom…

Many are also very pleased to see how this has worked for them to protect and grow their wealth in a way not correlated with the uncertain and volatile economic climate.

Our “Build a Collection” service is the easy and enjoyable way to build a valuable collection…

  1. We take out all the stress by making sure you only buy high quality rare and authentic collectibles with a strong track record of long term healthy price appreciation. 
  2. You have absolute control. You still choose what you want to add to your collection.

Many of our clients use this service to build an investment in collectibles with a long term perspective.

Some are using it as a means of diversifying their pension pot for retirement.

Others are using it to save for a future event such as school or university fees. 

Those with a very long term perspective see it as a legacy plan for children, grandchildren or godchildren. 

The beauty of it is that it works like a regular savings plan with an open-ended maturity date, which you control.

 You benefit from both the accumulation of your regular contributions and also from capital growth on your rare collectibles.

How our Build a Collection service works for you

It’s really straightforward…

It’s entirely up to you how much money you want to allocate to building your valuable collection.

The minimum requirement is to set up a monthly charge from you to Just Collecting of £100 per month or £300 per quarter.

There is no maximum (within reason!)

Your funds can be used to purchase any of our rare stamps and coins, precious historical treasures and memorabilia. You will be the legal owner of your collectibles which build over time.

You can also monitor how your collection grows in value over time as we will provide you with annual valuations.

What’s more, we allow you to purchase items with a value of up to 6 months of your planned regular payments in advance.

So, for example, if you sign up to make monthly payments of £1,000, you can acquire collectibles with a value of £6,000 up-front.

Then, in six months when the balance on your account is £0, you can buy a further £6,000 of collectibles and so forth.

You benefit from a perpetual initial 6-month interest free credit period paid over six months in equal instalments.

As a cash and asset rich company, we can afford to provide these preferential credit terms to our “Build a Collection” clients.

Also, you are not tied in to any commitment. You can cancel your monthly payments at any time.

We are completely flexible in making this work for you regardless of whether you are a knowledgeable and passionate collector or simply see rare collectibles as a valuable tangible asset to own.

The 3 most common ways our existing clients make this service work best for their requirements are as follows:

1. Specialised Collectors 

Specialised collectors have a narrow focus in what they want to purchase. They are building a collection in a specific area. Those clients use this service mainly to benefit from the 6 months’ interest free credit available.

Such collectors usually make purchases from us based on our ability to source specific items in their area of interest from our international network of contacts.

2. General Collectors

General collectors have a wider range of interests and often across different areas such as stamps, coins, art and autographs. Those clients use this service often as a means of creating a clear budgetary plan on how much they wish to allocate to their hobbies.

These clients normally make purchases directly from items featured in our e-mail newsletters, but also from browsing our entire stock of collectibles on our website.

3. Tangible Asset Investors 

Investors want to build a valuable collection over time and benefit from our experience and advice on items best suited for their long term investment potential. We put forward recommendations and our clients choose which items they want to add to their collection.

These clients benefit from a clear allocation of capital to their tangible asset investments as well as making purchases and, in some cases, enjoying capital appreciation before making payment.

We also do our best to make sure clients can buy at below retail market values. Take a look at the example below…

No alt text provided for this image

Great Britain 1840 1d intense penny black Plate 6, SG1. Very fine used good to large four margin example lettered FK, neatly cancelled by red Maltese Cross. A magnificent example of the world’s first and most famous stamp.

The Stanley Gibbons catalogue value is £525.

Our Price is £425 (19% saving)

Key benefits of our Build a Collection service


The key features which make our build a collection service so popular are:

  •  A potentially strong addition to longer term measured financial planning
  •  Low entry point – the ability to build a valuable collection from a small monthly contribution over time
  •  The potential for steady growth in capital based on long term historic growth rates in the market for rare collectibles
  •  An investment in tangible, uncorrelated, historically low-volatility assets
  •  6 months interest free credit
  •  Free storage and insurance option available or alternatively we deliver your collectibles to your doorstep free of charge
  •  Annual valuations provided
  • No management or valuation fees are charged
  •  A lifetime guarantee of authenticity provided on all purchases
  •  Complete flexibility – change or stop your monthly/quarterly payments at any time and flexibility to sell some or all of your collection whenever the time is right

How to register

Before you register, please click on the link below to read the terms and conditions…


Once you are happy, simply contact us to let us know the amount you would like to contribute monthly or quarterly to build your valuable collection.

Simply reply to this e-mail or call us on +44(0)1534 639998. If you have any questions I have failed to answer, please let us know.

My expert team are available and ready to provide you with an initial consultation to assess whether this service fits with your objectives and requirements.

We are only interested in registering you to the service once we are happy it is a good fit for you in building a valuable collection. 

I believe tangible assets are more important right now than they have been since 2008 (when the last major economic event destroyed the wealth of millions of investors).

We always recommend you “collect to invest”. We aim to help you to focus on building the best quality collection possible and to encourage you to develop an increasing interest in your collectibles along the journey. This is how we best help our clients to prosper over the long term.

We look forward to helping you build your collection, combining the best of both worlds – pleasure and profit!


Kind regards,

Mike Hall CEO, Just Collecting Limited


PS. For more information on investing in rare collectibles and to view sample pre-built collections, download our free guide HERE

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