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How to identify Stanley Gibbons catalogue quality stamps

How to identify Stanley Gibbons catalogue quality stamps

If you want to know the value of a stamp, you look it up in the Stanley Gibbons stamp catalogue.

It’s just what you do.

In fact, philatelists have been turning to Gibbons’ catalogues since 1865.

Yet what many novice stamp collectors don’t realise (but quickly learn) is that catalogue prices relate to finest quality examples of the stamp.

And that anything less than finest will have less value.

So what are the attributes that combine to make a catalogue-quality stamp?

My video below reveals the 6 criteria that must align.

In the video you’ll get to see some top-quality examples up close.

And the sight of a nervous father watching on as his daughter handles (expertly, I should point out) a £100,000 stamp.

“Put that one back carefully!”

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Thanks for watching,

Mike Hall,

Paul Fraser Collectibles

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