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Penny Black

34% discount: It’s Penny Black Friday

Transcript of our Black Friday offer sent to our e-mail subscribers, surprisingly still available...

Unique collection of rarities featuring the world’s most iconic stamp

It’s Black Friday.

It’s Penny Black Friday. 

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. 

And, I have an extra feast for you today…

My philatelic feast on offer is: 

  1. The finest collection of rarities featuring the world’s first postage stamp I have ever assembled 
  2. A unique collection which took years to build and could not be reproduced 
  3. Bringing together a complementary range of philatelic rarities, providing an amazing family heirloom
  4. Offered at a discount of 34% to the retail prices of the individual philatelic rarities in the collection


There are so many benefits to owning this unique collection… 

The flavour of excellence and quality lasts long after your purchase is forgotten.

My clients have often told me building their valuable collection has given them huge pride from owning something so rare, so valuable and imbued with history.

The intellectual stimulation which comes from learning more about the importance of the elements of your collection. The more you discover, the more pleasure you derive. 

Being the custodian of these rare, small pieces of history is a privilege and an honour.

Inflation Busting Investment

The pride and pleasure of owning such historical artefacts is just one half of the benefit… 

You also have the peace of mind which comes from owning a portable tangible asset. 

It provides the perfect family heirloom in such uncertain economic times.

You can relax with the knowledge your historical asset has proved a long term stable investment since it first came into being in 1840.

Take the centrepiece in the collection, the 6th of May, 1840 first day of postage cover…

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It has increased in value by 540% in the past 20 years.

Furthermore, you benefit from an insurance policy… 

This is an asset which has protected the wealthiest of families throughout history when inflation runs riot.

The GB30 Rarities Index provides a useful barometer of the historical prices of rare stamps, which can be tracked back to 1954. 

The last time we had high inflation rates was in the late 1970s. At that time, between 1975-80 the index recorded growth of almost 600%.

How to Secure the Unique Penny Black Collection

You have the opportunity to secure this collection today…

A unique collection impossible to reproduce.

Representing one of the most historically important philatelic collections you could own.

The collection encompasses the birth of the prepaid postal system and, of course, stamp collecting.

The influence of the penny black on the change in society back in Victorian times was as seismic as the internet has been in recent years to modern society.

As you will appreciate, there can only be one owner of this collection, which took us years to build. 

If you would like to be that owner, please contact me today personally at

Alternatively, you can call our offices on +44 (0)1534 639998.


The penny black has always been the answer I give to the question:

“If you could own just one stamp, which would it be?”

Kind regards

Mike Hall

PS. Please note, we are also running a Black Friday 10% discount offer on all our stamps and postal history until Monday 29th of November. Just enter code BLACKFRIDAY10 at the checkout. You can find even more penny blacks across a range of price levels HERE.

You can purchase this fine used example of the penny black for just £292.50 with your 10% discount (SG Catalogue Value: £375)

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