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US Presidential memorabilia


A top 10 list of the most valuable US Presidential memorabilia ever sold at auction

The manuscripts, letters and documents on this list offer insights into the minds of the men that shaped America. The political ideals and strength of will that led the Founding fathers to establish a new nation is clearly evident in these pages - and as such, they are valued by collectors as integral pieces of the history of the United States.

10) Abraham Lincoln’s inaugural speech

Lincoln’s signed manuscript for his second inauguration speech in 1865, delivered just one month before his assassination, sold at Christie’s in 1992 for $1,320,000.

9) Thomas Jefferson’s exploration letter

A letter from Thomas Jefferson to French Explorer Bathelemy Faujas de Saint-Fond, regarding plans for the Lewis & Clark expedition to chart North America, sold at Sotheby’s in 2002 for $1,439,500.

8) George Washington's Constitution letter

A handwritten letter from George Washington to John Arnstrong dated April 1788, discussing the newly drafted Constitution, sold at Christie's in 2013 for $1,443,750.

7) George Washington’s saddle pistols

A pair of steel-mounted saddle pistols owned by both George Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette sold at Christie’s in 2002 for $1,986,000.

6) Abraham Lincoln’s final speech

An autographed manuscript of Lincoln’s final speech, given at the White House just four days before his death in April 1865, Sold at Christie’s in 2002 for $3,086,000.

5) George Washington’s constitution letter

A letter written by George Washington to his nephew Bushrod, discussing the proposed new U.S constitution, sold at Christie’s in 2009 for $3,218,500.

4) Abraham Lincoln’s letter regarding slavery

A handwritten letter from President Lincoln to Mrs Horace Mann in 1864, discussing a petition to the President asking him to free slave children, sold at Sotheby’s in 2008 for $3,401,000.

3) Abraham Lincoln’s victory speech

The handwritten manuscript for Lincoln’s Presidential election victory speech, delivered in November 1864, sold at Christie’s in 2009 for $3,442,500.

2) Abraham Lincoln’s emancipation proclamation

A typed copy of the Proclamation of Emancipation freeing which freed all slaves throughout the U.S, signed by President Lincoln, sold at Sotheby’s in 2010 for $3,778,500.

1) George Washington’s copy of the Constitution

George Washington’s own copy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, bearing his personal bookplate and signature and featuring annotations in his hand, sold at Christie’s in 2012 for a record for $9,826,500.

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