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Tate Britain’s Van Gogh exhibition slated for spring 2019

Sotheby’s Erotic Art sale a huge success

Birth of the Earth

Rene Magritte's Ciel-Bouteille will appear in surrealist sale

Picasso’s Le Matador to auction for first time

Salvador Dali signed drawing

Ronnie Wood sketch of Jeff Beck

Ronnie Wood Cartoon Sketch

Ronnie Wood Autographed Original Sketch

Paul Signac autograph manuscript and sketches

Original Upsy Daisy drawing signed by Derek Jacobi

Original Ralph Steadman artwork

Gerhard Richter P9 Bagdad print

Gerhard Richter P8 Ifrit print

Gerhard Richter P11 Aladin print

Gerhard Richter P10 Bagdad print