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HMS Bounty cannon estimated at up to $668,000

Native American etched battle scene to beat $50,000?

Tribal arms offered at Bonhams LA on May 22

Native American Pipe returned to tribe

Mikado mechanical bank to reach $160,000?

British Library’s James Cook exhibition on display from April 27

Ming Butter Lamp will cross the block in London

3000-year-old sacred Chinese treasure found in English home

Pacific ula throwing club to auction on April 12

Mezcala standing figure smashes estimate in Paris

Ancient Egyptian grandiorite Apis bull to sell at Christie’s

Record for Buddhist manuscript set at Sotheby’s Hong Kong

1,000 year old shirt featured in Islamic Art sale

Travelling Tutankhamun exhibition to open in LA

Fang Mvai statue to set new record at Sotheby’s?

Russian SA-4 Ganef missile hits $17,000

Dinosaur skeleton to auction in Paris in June

17th century horse harness offered at Czerny’s

Australasian Tobacco God carving auctions for $122,000

Bonhams’ Asia Week sales will star this incredible Tibetan sculpture

Rare Toby jug sold for $13,500

Napoleon’s Sevres Marly Rouge dinner service to make $200,000?

'$20' early American porcelain teapot sells for $642,000

Cheap holiday souvenir figurine discovered to be 25,000 years old

John Blundall’s puppet collection to sell in Glasgow

Abraham Lincoln's fountain pen to beat $30,000?

Travel and exploration memorabilia to sell in London

Bayeux Tapestry to be shown in the UK

Meet the German doctor who (sort of) invented 80s synth-pop

Chinese folding chairs fetch $7 million at Bonhams