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Lot 409: 3 photography volumes of California scenes, Ansel Adams, Cedric Wright...

Lot 418: Zeviani, Della Cura de’ Bambini Attaccati...1775

Lot 424: Box of miscellaneous volumes

Lot 423: Works about John Barth or his writings

Lot 414: Tennessee Williams' Letters to Donald Windham

Lot 416: Tennessee Williams'Letters to Donald Windham [Review Copy] Signed

Lot 403: Vital Thore - Dissertation sur les Alimens considérés comme moyens Thér...

Lot 405: Triller, Succincta commentatio de pleuritide ejusque curatione, 1778

Lot 410: Warner, Observations de Chirurgie, Avec des Remarques 1757

Lot 400: Amy Tan The Kitchen God's Wife

Lot 386: Lisa See: Peony in Love Signed

Lot 388: Lisa See: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Lot 391: Thorne Smith's first book

Lot 392: R.P. Patritii Sporer Passaviensis ... Theologia moralis super decalogum...

Lot 356: Laws of Reproduction, Charles Brooks, 1856

Lot 368: Six by Charles Olson

Lot 370: Pauly, Climats et Endémies. Esquisses de Climatologie Comparée 1874

Lot 393: Contagious Fever in the Metropolis. 1802

Lot 362: Théorie de L'Organisation Végétale

Lot 377: Rillier & Barthez Maladies des Enfants

Lot 380: Philip Roth, "The Anatomy Lesson"

Lot 351: Peter Simple by Frederick Marryat 1834

Lot 337: Ted Hughes Five Autumn Songs for Children's Voices

Lot 354: Masefield's Philip the King signed & limited

Lot 321: Manly Palmer Hall The Phoenix

Lot 340: Turning in woodworking

Lot 343: Mémoire sur la Cataracte 1833

Lot 346: Dictionnaire de Chirurgie, 1767

Lot 349: Sandra Tsing Loh A Year in Van Nuys

Lot 328: Heller, Good as Gold signed 1/1000