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Lot 211: World Trade Center Postcard

Lot 210: World Trade Center 2001 Observatory Ticket

Lot 197: 1883 Invitation to the Brooklyn Bridge Opening Ceremonies

Lot 202: Nebraska 37-Star Flag, Circa 1870s

Lot 205: 36-Star Flag After Nevada Joined the Union

Lot 209: Bill Wilson Signed Copy of the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book

Lot of 10 Programs From Arthur Ashe's Funeral

Lot 195: Uncut Sheet of 32 $1 Federal Reserve Notes

Lot 180: ''Star Wars'' Cast-Signed Movie Poster

Lot 162: Large Archive of Items Owned by Jean Stapleton From ''All in the Family...

Lot 170: Andy Kaufman Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo

Lot 172: Stan Laurel Letter Signed

Lot 174: Julie Andrews & Dick Van Dyke Signed Limited Edition ''Mary Poppins'' A...

Lot 177: William Shatner Praises Leonard Nimoy as Spock:

Lot 201: Large 37-Star Parade Flag After Nebraska Joined the Union

Lot 203: Vermont 14-Star Flag, Circa 1870s

Lot 207: 1957 ''On the Job'' Red Cross Campaign Poster

Lot 156: Large 11'' x 14'' Paramount Studio Portrait of Audrey Hepburn From ''Fu...

Lot 200: Beautiful 39-Star Colorado Flag Measuring 9.5'' x 6.25''

Lot 196: Admission Ticket to the Brooklyn Bridge Opening Ceremonies

Lot 185: Jesse Owens Signed Philatelic Passport

Lot 188: Willie Mays & ''The Catch'' Signed Photo

Lot of 10 Arthur Ashe Signed Checks

Lot 204: 36-Star Flag After Nevada Joined the Union

Lot 193: Muhammad Ali Autograph Note Signed

Lot 176: Arnold Schwarzenegger Signed ''The Terminator'' Movie Poster From 1984

Lot 175: Carrie Fisher & Darth Vader Signed Movie Poster From ''Return of the Je...

Lot 168: ''Back to the Future II'' Cast Signed Hoverboard

Lot 198: Program From the Opening Ceremonies of the Brooklyn Bridge in 1883

Lot 208: American Red Cross Poster