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Lot 1006: Hockey Books

Lot 1035: Casey Stengel Signed Photo

Lot 1036: Tennis Books

Lot 1023: NY Yankees Books

Lot 1026: Satchel Paige Business Card

Lot 1014: Joe Louis Signature

Lot 1017: LeRoy Neiman Book

Lot 999: Curt Flood Book

Lot 1033: Bill Russell Books

Lot 1037: Mike Tyson Signed Photo

Lot 1003: Football: Blanchard, Davis, and Blaik Signatures

Lot 1004: Bob Gibson Book

Lot 1013: Sugar Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns Signed Photo

Lot 1015: Willie Mays Books

Lot 1034: Sports Signatures

Lot 1038: Vittles Bowl 1948 Football Trophy

Lot 1002: Football Quarterbacks Books

Lot 992: Usain Bolt Signed Photos

Lot 988: Baseball Book

Lot 982: Baseball Books

Lot 1000: Football Books

Lot 1030: Floyd Patterson Book

Lot 987: Baseball Book

Lot 1032: Pele and Diego Maradona Signed Photos

Lot 1020: NY Knicks Books

Lot 984: Baseball Books

Lot 980: Muhammad Ali and George Foreman Magazine

Lot 985: Baseball Books

Lot 965: Neil Young Album

Lot 967: ZZ Top Album