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Elvis Presley's Tiffany x Omega watch sells for record $1.8m

Domino’s Pizza branded Rolex featured in online auction

Iron Man’s Urwerk UR-110RG watch to sell in May

White gold Rolex Daytona Unicorn wristwatch expected to beat $3m

King Farouk of Egypt’s Patek Philippe watch offered in Dubai

Paul Newman's original Rolex Daytona watch sells for $17.75 million

Joe DiMaggio's Patek Philippe watch to sell at Christie's

George Daniels 'Space Travellers' watch sets £3.2m auction record

Remarkable $2 million Richard Mille watch heading for auction

The pocket watch for Space Travellers which could bring $2m

Kim Kardashian buys Jackie Kennedy's wristwatch for $380,000

Paul Newman's own 'Paul Newman' Rolex Daytona watch up for auction

The rare wristwatch known as "the billionaire’s handshake"

Babe Ruth's Christmas Gift to the 'Al Capone of Harlem'

Emperor Haile Selassie's Rolex watch sold for $2.9 million

Why did this Rolex watch just sell for $5 million?

Jackie Kennedy's Cartier wristwatch to sell at Christie's

Wristwatch owned by Emperor Haile Selassie could fetch $1 million

Christie's Geneva watch sale to celebrate the history of Rolex

Phillips to offer legendary $1.5 million Rolex 'Bao Dai' wristwatch

Forgotten watches discovered in vault could top $10,000 at Heritage

Phillips to offer world class Heur watches from the Jack Heur Era

Patek Philippe's Yellow-Gold Calibre 89 watch to sell at Sotheby's

World's most valuable wristwatch sells for $11 million in Geneva

Sotheby's reveal highlights of the Hong Kong Important Watches sale

Phillips to host Rolex Milestones watch auction in Hong Kong

WWII frogman watch tops £40,000 in Glasgow

Morphy Auctions offers a feast for fine Rolex watch collectors

Sotheby's offer Cutting-edge modern wristwatches in Hong Kong

Einstein's pocket watch sells for almost $350,000 at Christie's