The Ultimate Gentleman's Outfit: 10 celebrity-owned items that will make you look awesome



2015-06-26 10:23:02

Ten items of celebrity-worn clothing and and accessories that combine to create the ultimate gentlemen's outfit.

Gentlemen, start your wardrobes.

In an age where fashion movements like ‘Normcore’ demand that none of your clothes make a statement, it’s time to fight back. We’ve searched through the world of celebrity memorabilia to create the ultimate men’s outfit in which EVERY item makes a statement. And that statement is “I am awesome”. You’ll look like a million dollars, and all for the price of just $2.4 million dollars.

10) Walter White’s Breaking Bad pants

We’ve all been there. You’re out for a quiet drive in the desert in your mobile meth lab, when you stop to gas some mobsters – and your trousers accidentally blow away. It’s reasons like this your mother always told you to wear clean underwear. Thankfully, for a mere $10,000 you could be wearing Walter White’s slightly greying Y-fronts, as modelled by Brian Cranston in the first episode of Breaking Bad. They sold at a Screenbid charity auction in 2013. (Image: Screenbid)

9) Jimi Hendrix’s trousers

For a slice of 60s sartorial cool, you’d struggle to beat Jimi Hendrix’s trousers. When he arrived in London in 1966 sharp suits were still the order of the day, but within a few months his extravagant style had taken hold and frilly shirt sales were up 10,000%. Hendrix had these trousers made on the King’s Road in London in 1967, and wore them everywhere from a free concert in San Francisco to the Top of the Pops studios. They sold at Christie’s in 2008 for £20,000 ($39,580). (Image: Christie's)

8) Pele’s 1970 Brazil shirt

Despite being a spokesman for Viagra and helping the Allies beat the Germans in the world’s most unrealistic football match, Pele somehow found the time to score an incredible 1281 goals in 1363 games. He also won a record three World Cups with Brazil including the 1970 tournament in Mexico. The Brazilian team, regarded by many as the greatest in history, spanked the Italians 4-1 in the final, and the iconic yellow and green shirt Pele wore during the match sold for a record £157,750 ($224,952) at Christie’s in 2002. (Image: Christie's)

7) Michael Jordan’s Air Jordans

There isn’t a single man alive who hasn’t put on a pair of Nike Air Jordan trainers and secretly believed they might make him better at basketball. Unfortunately, this theory only worked for one man – and his name was Michael Jordan. This pair of Jordans was worn by ‘His Airness’ himself in his 1984-85 rookie season with the Chicago Bulls, and sold for $31,070 at Heritage Auctions in 2013. (Image: Heritage Auctions)

6) JFK’s bomber Jacket

He was the President of the United States, an icon for a generation, and a rumoured romancer of Marilyn Monroe. JFK certainly had style, and this jacket is the pinnacle of political fashion. Kennedy’s own personal leather Air Force One bomber jacket, bearing the patch with the Presidential Seal, was also worn by his brother Bobby and later gifted to his close friend Dave Powers (to whom Kennedy once gave a President’s Special Award for “hiking to my icebox to drink my Heinekens”). It was offered at John McInnis Auctioneers in 2013 with an estimate of $40,000, and sold for an amazing $570,000. (Image: John McInnis Auctioneers)

5) James Brown’s cape

Nothing says ‘confidence’ like a cape. Just look at Dracula. It’s an instant way to make your entrances 100% more dramatic, and in this case 100% funkier too. This blue satin cape was once owned by the Godfather of Soul himself, James Brown, and features the handy reminder “Thy Name is Godfather of Soul” written in rhinestones across the back. It sold for a cool $35,000 at Christie’s in 2008. (Image: Christie's)

4) Odd Job’s hat

Every outfit needs a stylish hat, and if it helps you decapitate statues then so much the better. This deadly bowler was worn by villainous handyman Odd Job in ‘Goldfinger’, and features a sharpened steel brim which can also be used for sharpening pencils, peeling potatoes and attempting to kill Sean Connery. A lucky collector picked it up at a Guernsey’s auction in 2008 for $110,000. (Image: Guernsey's)

3) Elvis Presley’s shades

Despite spending the later years of his life in a haze of cheeseburgers, prescription drugs and onstage karate, Elvis remained a fashion icon throughout the 1970s. Yes, he sometimes dressed like a cross between a superhero and a mobster’s wife, but he always carried it off in style. Enormous sunglasses were one of his specialities, and this pair of gold ‘Tiger Man’ glasses with yellow lenses is a particularly fine example. Dating from 1974, they sold at Heritage in August 2012 for $22,500. (Image: Heritage Auctions)

2) Steve McQueen’s watch

What time is it? It’s time to be cool, and drive incredibly fast in a tweed jacket. In other words, it’s Steve McQueen time. This is the ultimate men’s timepiece, the 1970 Heur ‘Monaco’ watch worn on-screen by McQueen in the classic racing film ‘Le Mans’. With very little dialogue, the movie is essentially two hours of intense glaring intercut with really fast cars – but like everything McQueen did, it still looks incredibly cool. Particularly this watch, which sold at Profiles in History for a mere $799,500 in 2012. (Image: Profiles in History)

1) Michael Jackson’s glove

There’s no denying that wearing a single white Swarovski crystal glove is a powerful fashion statement. It’s even more powerful if you wear it whilst inventing a world-conquering dance move. In 1983 at the Motown 25th Anniversary show, Michael Jackson took to the stage wearing such a glove and proceeded to Moonwalk for the first time – inciting a generation of drunk guys at weddings to fall over backwards on the dance floor. The glove he was wearing sold at Julien’s in 2009 for **$420,000.***(Image: Julien's Auctions)*

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