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Vintage clothing


Lot 1811: Pair of Dior sunglasses

Lot 1810: Pair of men's Prada sunglasses

Lot 1809: Pair of Gucci sunglasses

Lot 1808: Pair of ladies Jimmy Choo sunglasses

Lot 1199: Five vintage wool and cotton bathing suits

Lot 1916: Pieced basket quilt

Lot 1835: Sarouk carpet

Lot 1802: Jacquard coverlet ca. 1840

Lot 1803: Pair of primitive oil on board landscapes

Lot 1906: Small silkwork picture in tramp art frame

Lot 1917: Whitework coverlet

Lot 1912: Group of fabric to include a braided table throw

Lot 1908: Five tintype photographs.

Lot 1801: Knox County Ohio jacquard coverlet inscribed Adam Yarous 1849

Lot 1834: Semi antique Heriz carpet

Lot 1832: Semi-antique Kirman carpet

Lot 1833: Hamadan runner

Lot 1292: Silk on linen sampler

Lot 1241: Printed fabric cutout Darkey Doll

Lot 1245: Pair of English wool embroideries

Lot 1293: Silk embroidered landscape

Lot 1288: Giuseppe Napoli oil on cardboard titled Yogananda

Lot 1289: Cecil Aldin chromolithograph interior scene figures after the fox hunt

Lot 1142: Collection of textiles to include lace

Lot 1143: Silk embroidered shawl

Lot 1146: Collection of vintage clothing.

Lot 1141: Group of textiles to include Frank Lloyd Wright reproductions.

Lot 1145: Collection of vintage and couture clothing.

Lot 1144: Collection of antique clothing to include a Victorian dress

Lot 1139: French textiles