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Lot 1811: Pair of Dior sunglasses

Lot 1810: Pair of men's Prada sunglasses

Lot 1809: Pair of Gucci sunglasses

Lot 1808: Pair of ladies Jimmy Choo sunglasses

Nudie Cohn Authentic Womens Purple Rhinestone suit made for Judy Lynn

Tenum Baron Woven Fabric

Full handmade woven fabrics which are produced directly from craftsmen in Timor...

Lot 1199: Five vintage wool and cotton bathing suits

Lot 1916: Pieced basket quilt

Lot 1835: Sarouk carpet

Lot 1802: Jacquard coverlet ca. 1840

Lot 1803: Pair of primitive oil on board landscapes

Lot 1906: Small silkwork picture in tramp art frame

Lot 1917: Whitework coverlet

Lot 1912: Group of fabric to include a braided table throw

Lot 1908: Five tintype photographs.

Lot 1801: Knox County Ohio jacquard coverlet inscribed Adam Yarous 1849

Lot 1834: Semi antique Heriz carpet

Lot 1832: Semi-antique Kirman carpet

Lot 1833: Hamadan runner

Lot 1292: Silk on linen sampler

Lot 1241: Printed fabric cutout Darkey Doll

Lot 1245: Pair of English wool embroideries

Lot 1293: Silk embroidered landscape

Lot 1288: Giuseppe Napoli oil on cardboard titled Yogananda

Lot 1289: Cecil Aldin chromolithograph interior scene figures after the fox hunt

Lot 1142: Collection of textiles to include lace