Impact of Battle of Britain WW2 on Fashion Industry

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faux N cotton

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World war II have had a great impact on society, politics and fashion. Many prominent events are marked in the history after the war took place. Hence it affected and influenced the fashion industry at a great deal. After the world war II fashion took a great leap forward and the science of fashion completely changed. Costumes and designs were influenced as there were many restrictions due to the war. Nylon and wool used by the government and silk was banned. Fibre and many other raw materials and resources were banned in the country and as a result manufacturing of different materials regarding clothing items took place. The dresses of the women and the style of clothing became similar as a result of government 

mandate. Fashion in the Britain was dislocated. There were many man made materials that came into existence at that era that is still seen and reflected in the clothing today. However fashion found its way out and flourished even in the wartime. The clothes that were made were fashionable as well as practical. People were limited regarding the clothing and there was no variety in shops to choose from. But despite all that colours were still present. Hence due to limited coupons, old garments were reconstructed and provided a new life.

The siren suit

The siren suit was the most famous one at that time. It was the most stylish suit at the time. They were long sleeve trouser suits made for

air raid shelter in desperate times. Many other tailored suits where available in the shops for the coupons.


There were handbags that were specially designed for women so that they can carry gas  masks at the bottom of the bag,with them wherever they go.

For the blackout

As there were blackouts during the war, products were especially designed tour company people in the dark such as the innovation of luminous accessories. That included the flowers that glow in the dark known as luminous flowers. Then there were button for clothes, so that people would be safe from the accident on the road during the blackout.


How clothing fell victim to the world war II


Frills and bows and pockets for banned on the clothes as it was seen a waste of fabric. The material was then dedicated to make military uniforms. Women heels were constructed no more than 2 inches. Men were instructed to wear single breasted suits. The turn ups on trousers for males were restricted. In order to save fabric clothes that showed women legs were encouraged. There was a waste cloth rationing. Due to the limitations of buying their favourite dresses, people became creative themselves. People found ways to remain fashionable and construct their own stylish appearance. Everyone was in khake. Meanwhile they found ways to stay colourful and started using bright colours and patterns.

On the other hand pants worn by women became popular. The wore it at work in factories and soon it became a casual wear.

After that tight nipped in waistlines, long hemlines and wide hats made women look very attractive. The silhouette provided the women an hourglass figure and completely new feminine look.

After the war

Exotic florals like hibiscus blooms and palm prints became popular. Tropical prints gained a lot of popularity. The woman craved bright colours and as a result they adapted to styles and colours of Latin America and Mexico. Colours like turquoise and terra-cotta widely gained popularity. The skirts and peasant blouse brought out femininity in women. They were soft and cool and perfect for the warm weather. It was inspired by Frida kahlo.


Lots of flying Battle of Britain jackets are part of today's fashion industry


The bomber and flight jackets

Bomber and flight jackets were a real classic look even after the world war II. Battle of britain flying jacket were highly functional work wear. These jackets are widely used today and people love to style themselves in it. The jackets issued in 20th century. It is a tough jacket which was designed to protect the person from harsh conditions especially cold weather and extreme temperatures. It is made from sheepskin, fabric and genuine leather. It is closed with buttons or zippers. It has a hem. It is cut waist length and contains elasticized cuffs. In order for the protection the collar can also be flipped up in order to make the throat secured. The jacket was initially designed to function well in weather resistant exterior. It contained fore as well as tough leathers.



Advances in fight took place and as the plane took flight to high altitude some changes to the jackets took place. It was then designs for higher altitudes and to bear extreme conditions.

Over the years the modern bomber jacket has gone under many variations in many changes are done to it.

Some are lined with wool, Cotton or silk.

A-1 bomber jacket

Then there is the A-1 bomber jacket the was introduced around 1920 to 1930. It was the first jacket to have a features such as knitted wool cuffs and waistband. It has capeskin exterior, cotton lining that was very heavy, two cargo flap pockets and for fastening it featured horn buttons. Later capeskin was demolished.

A-2 Bomber jacket

A-2 was introduced around 1943. Many modifications took place in its design. Initially it was constructed with horsehide leather. It was harder than capeskin.

It has a slim functional cut in the collar could be completely closed around the neck. It was lined with silk. It was later modified to cotton linings and goat leather was used. In today's era the jacket has undergone many changes and worn casually as a fashion statement. It is available with or without the fur.



A-2 was replaced with G-1. G-1 was available with or without the fur. It was introduced in the early 1930 and even today this style is copied. It was made from sheepskin.


Later on B-3 was invented which was inspired by G-1. This jacket had a sheepskin collar that was wide and was available with two leather straps that were used in fastening around the neck tightly. Later on modifications were made and it was designed a little less bulky.



After B-3, B-6 was introduced. This jacket was a little less bulky and featured angled slash pockets, a single throat leather latch and a slimmer cut.



Afterwards the more advanced jacket B-10 came into existence around 1943 by the

military. It contained alpaca lining and fabric shell. It was considered the most versatile jacket of the time, it was less bulky too. As compared to the other jackets introduced by military this had a very light weight. Later on** B-15** model was introduced but it was short lived as well.


MA-1 / MA-2

These jackets are very famous in today's world and many modifications had been made to these jackets. They are worn today in streets by people and also seen on celebrities. They had colours like sage green and dark blue. They often had a bright Orange lining. They featured waistband and knitted cuffs. They featured fold down collar and knitted collar. It defined the modern fashion in the jacket industry. They gained a lot of popularity and people started wearing them casually. They became the latest trend and modern fashion. Tom cruise was seen wearing G-1 in top gun.

 These jackets are still fresh and classic and they all are inspired way back. Now days many transformations and modifications are made to rhe jackets and they are available in many varieties and proved to be very trendy.


These jackets are still fresh and classic and they all are inspired way back. Now days many transformations and modifications are made to rhe jackets and they are available in many varieties and proved to be very trendy.


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